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How to Use Bluetooth Enabled Phone as Wireless Webcam

Use Bluetooth Enabled Phone as Wireless Webcam

At present, technology has reached its climax. Nothing is impossible in this world of gadgets. People can now use their cell phone using their Bluetooth to use it as webcam. The phone has to be Bluetooth enabled and the computer …

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5 Best Android Educational Apps

Android Educational Apps

Educational apps are absolutely essential for kids, adults and young adults simultaneously. It helps you know and understand better about certain vital issues. Now, if you own an Android phone, learning can be fun for you. Yes! Some of the …

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25 Android Mobile Secret Codes for Advanced Users

Android Mobile Secret Codes

There are plenty of secret codes used in Android OS phones. These codes are mostly used by hackers and programmers. With the help of these codes, many tests can be performed and OS can be modified. It must be noted …

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Huawei Ascend Mate Specifications and Features

Huawei Ascend Mate Features

Huawei is giving a tough competition to the other smart phones by releasing superb phones one after the other. Each and every of their sets are better than the previous and are making customers confused. Huawei has released the new …

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Samsung ATIV S Neo Features and Specifications

Samsung ATIV S Neo Features

Samsung is going to release a totally new phone in the market of a new series. It is one of their Windows phones. Samsung is going to release the new Samsung ATIV S Neo with a bunch of Samsung ATIV …

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5 Best Windows Phone Educational Apps

Windows Phone Educational Apps

With its contemporaries like Android and Apple topping the charts with their attractive educational apps, the windows phone educational apps have also made their advent. Most of these applications are out of the box, unique and pretty innovative as well.  …

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HTC 8XT Specifications and Features

HTC 8XT Features

HTC is releasing superb smart phones one after the other in the market. They have brought the new HTC 8XT smart phone in the market. It is a Windows phone and the build quality is impressive. The texture and the …

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5 Best Android Printer Apps

Best Android Printer Apps

Printer applications are highly essential for all those individuals who need to get their vital documents, pdf files, photographs and tickets printed on a frequent basis. These apps competently serve the purpose of the mentioned individuals and help them get …

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HTC Butterfly S Features and Specifications


HTC has released its new smart phone in the market. This is the new HTC Butterfly S with lots of HTC Butterfly S Features. The build quality of the phone is superb and the texture is smooth too. The handset …

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BlackBerry Q5 Features and Specifications

BlackBerry Q5 Price

BlackBerry is one of the top business smart phones around the world at present. Mostly BlackBerry is used in the corporate world as it has got many systems to support the business. Blackberry has released the all new BlackBerry Q5 …

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