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How to Boot Into Windows 8 Safe Mode

Boot Into Windows 8 Safe Mode

You might have noticed that your PC sometimes do not work properly and you are in a situation to boot it under safe mode, where only minimum windows components and drivers are loaded. Here we are going to discuss below …

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Best Educational Gadgets for Kids

Best Educational Gadgets

Do you want your kids to have a better knowledge of the world? Do wish to help them learn relevant stuff easily and playfully? Well, almost every parent wishes to do the same. Thus, in order to help you, some …

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How to Track And Recover Lost iPhone

Recover Lost iPhone

People buy a phone with lots of hard earned money. They have many important data on their phone. Losing a phone is a great loss and if it is an iPhone, it is a great loss in terms of money …

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How to Track And Recover Lost Windows Phone

Recover Lost Windows Phone

Losing a phone is the silliest thing to do. Carelessness results in losing a phone. Windows phones are very expensive and losing them makes a huge loss. The loss is not only in the term of money but also loss …

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How to Remove Your Number from TrueCaller Directory

Remove Your Number from TrueCaller

TrueCaller is one of the most popular apps running on smart phones at present. It is a global caller directory. It contains cell numbers and info all off the cell users around the globe. People can access info about anyone …

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How To Get Free Mobile Recharge

free mobile recharge

People these days run for anything offered free of cost. At times many things turn out to be deceptive. But there is indeed a thing called luck. At present, nothing can be more valuable than mobile recharges. If mobile recharges …

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How to Extend WhatsApp License for Free upto 2022

Extend WhatsApp License

Whatsapp is the most popular messenger at present among the smart phones. This messenger runs on all smart phones, Android, Windows phones, iPhones and Blackberry. It provides free texting all over the world. Just it needs the mobile data connection. …

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How to Find Near WiFi Networks on Android

Find Near WiFi Networks on Android

People who use cell phones often face a serious problem. It is the problem arising due to poor network connections. No matter how smart the phones get, network connections are still weak all over the world. People search for better …

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How to Advertise and Sell Mobile Apps

Advertise and Sell Mobile Apps

Ever wanted to make your own app and sell it accordingly? Well, your dreams are sure to come true by following these mentioned guidelines. These guidelines will not only guide you throughout, but will also provide you with a step …

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Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips for Lappy Users

Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips

At present, the number of laptop users is more than the number of desktop users. Almost everyone has a laptop in today’s world. So that means everyone must know how to take care of the laptop. Maintenance is very important, …

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