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Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

15 Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

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Whatsapp Messenger has been voted as the best messenger app by users so far. It has got many salient features and messaging is very easy on this app. People can send multimedia efficiently. Whatsapp Messenger can be used to send pictures, videos, maps, audio or texts to anyone anywhere around the globe free of cost. Only there has to be data connection by network provider or Wi-Fi device. Now people have a tendency to know about various tricks regarding any app. So there are many Whatsapp Tricks and Tips as well. Here are few of those Whatsapp Tricks and Tips.


Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

  1. There is a way to spy on someone else’s account in Whatsapp. All it needs to be done is that the Settings of the rooted phone have to be opened. Then the MAC address of phone’s Wi-Fi has to be noted.
  2. There is a way to use Whatsapp without using a person’s number. This is done by tricking the verification request which is asked after installation of Whatsapp.
  3. The messages deleted by someone can be obtained by transferring the msgstore.db.crypt file to some other phone and restored in other phone’s Whatsapp.
  4. Using an app called Magiapp, one picture can be sent to another picture. This trick is generally for fun.
  5. Whatsapp does not allow anyone to download the profile pictures of others for security reason. But actually these are automatically downloaded when one sees it, on the memory card.
  6. Those who love to prank; there is an app for creating fake conversation. It is done with the help of Whatssaid.
  7. There is a way to prank friends by changing their profile picture on a particular phone. A pictures’ name and resolution has to be changed and saved on phone.
  8. With Cloud Send, people can share PDF, APK, ZIP and DOC file on Whatsapp.
  9. With the help of Whatsapp plus, profile picture can be hidden or stopped from being downloaded.
  10. The ‘Last seen’ feature of Whatsapp can be blocked by installing the Block Whatsapp last seen app. This is one of the best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips.
  11. The automatic image download can be disabled by installing Whatsapp plus app.
  12. The Whatsapp free validation can be extended up to 2022 by installing Whatsapp with a number in two different phones, one iPhone and one android alternatively once.
  13. Multiple Whatsapp account can be maintained in a single rooted phone with SwitchMe multiple accounts app.
  14. Whatsapp can be used without SIM using the WLAN connection on phone.
  15. Whatsapp conversation can be hacked using Whatsapp Sniffer.


  1. Multiple Whatsapp account can be maintained in a single rooted phone with SwitchMe multiple accounts app.

    From where i will get this app??

  2. It would have been really great if you could just explain the tricks in detail. Like the 1st trick, acquire mac address, bt aftr tht what?
    What’s sniffer app, a link to tht app in google play would work the magic.
    Other than that, nice post 🙂 (y)

  3. Nitish Kumar mahajan

    How do I go to next line while using WhatsApp on windows phone

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