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Free HD Best Screen Recording Android App

Best Screen Recording Android App

Today we will share free HD best Screen Recording Android App without Root and Watermark on Screen. Free HD Best Screen Recording Android App without Root and Watermark  ADV Screen Recorder -Here you can select Magic Button, Recording Engine, Stop Options, …

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How to Download or Save Offline Google Maps

Offline Google Maps

If you are using Android Mobile, then definitely you have used Google Maps for Navigation purpose. Google Maps has an important feature to Download or Save Offline Maps, So that you can use navigation in absence of Data Connection Availability. …

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How to change DNS Server in Android without Root or App

Normally everyone use DNS Server provided by their internet service Providers, but some time we have to replace DNS server provided by other services, because they are fast or your internet provider has blocked some websites etc. There are many …

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How To Decrypt Forgotten iPhone Passcode

Decrypt Forgotten iPhone Passcode

There are some iPhone pass codes which turn out to so effective that they can be easily forgotten. In such cases you might manage to lock yourselves out of your own phone and feel helpless as to how you will …

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Where to Buy NFC Tags and How to Program NFC Tags in Android

NFC Tools

NFC or Near Field Communication is a brilliant feature that smart phones provide to its users. It means establishing radio communication with some other device in close proximity or touch, in order to perform a certain task. In this case, …

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How to Use WhatsApp on Desktop with Chrome

WhatsApp on Desktop

The popular mobile application WhatsApp ( is now available to be on desktop. Use WhatsApp on desktop with chrome and is an extension of the regular mobile experience. It is a completely web based feature and this implies that there …

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How to Remotely access Computer from Windows Phone

remotely access your computer from windows phone

Want to email a file from your home to your office? Or grab a forgotten file? With the help of some applications installed on your windows phone and your computer, you can remotely access computer from windows phone. These apps …

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5 Best Passbook Compatible iPhone Apps

Best Passbook compatible iPhone Apps

Passbook is an amazing tool offered to the iPhone users. It stores all types of things like the boarding passes as well as the gift cards or many more. But the app store for iPhone does not have much app …

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How to Remotely access Computer from iPhone

Remotely access Computer from iPhone

There are many apps available in the App store which can help you to connect your computer with your iPhone or iPad. You would be able to access your files, applications or any other program. Read on to know about …

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How to Protect Android Phone from in-app purchases from Play Store

Protect Android Phone from in-app purchases

You certainly don’t want your kid to tap on some kind of in-app services or make any type of purchases while playing Angry Birds or surfing internet. In this regard, you can password protect your Google account from making any …

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