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Best Alternative to Apple Maps for iPhone and iPad

Alternative to Apple Maps

Are you looking for an alternative to apple maps for iPhone? Do you wish to know more about the best and the most effective alternative apps in this regard? Do you wish to garner a sound idea about these applications? …

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Steps To Follow In Creating iPhone App For iPhone Users

Creating iPhone App

Creating iPhone app is not an easy job to do. A developer need to know proper techniques and should use appropriate tool required for this job. The developer should also be aware of the recent market demand of the iPhone …

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5 Top Caller ID Windows Phone Apps

Caller ID Windows Phone Apps

Nowadays, many individuals experience hoax phone calls or marketing calls, which are not at all desirable. Now, if you are experiencing a similar problem and if you wish to evade this problem, then a proper caller ID app can be …

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5 Top Caller ID iPhone Apps

Caller ID iPhone Apps

Apple iphone is one of the most popular Smart Phone these days, and with the aid of some smart apps designed for this phone you can easily trace your missed calls or hoax and fake calls. There are thousands of …

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How to Transfer Messages to iPhone from Android Phone?

Transfer Messages to iPhone

Did you purchase a new Android phone lately? Do you wish to have all your old messages from iPhone to this new handset? Well, you can easily do so by following the step by step guidelines, as mentioned in the …

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5 Top Caller ID Android Apps

Caller ID Android Apps

As we all know, caller id applications have turned out to be an absolute necessity for all of us. These applications are specifically relevant for those individuals, who have to spend long hours in meetings, thereby having a viable tendency …

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How to Spy Other Whatsapp Account

Spy on Other WhatsApp Account

Whatsapp is indeed one of the most popular messengers among the smart phone apps. Each Whatsapp account has a MAC (Media Access Control) address which is a unique one. It changes with the change of device. People can Spy other …

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How to Enable Google Now outside US on iPhone and iPad

Enable Google Now outside US on iPhone

The Google Now gained its popularity quite recently, 2 months ago. However, it was initially restricted only to the US and the UK. Now, we all know that there is no dearth of jail breaking techniques, and, by following some …

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Backup Whatsapp Conversation on Computer from Android

Backup Whatsapp Conversation

Whatsapp is perhaps the second most significant chatting platform (after Facebook) among the youngsters of this generation. However, chatting on whatsapp turns out to be a tedious job if you have a low battery in your Smartphone. It is practically …

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Top iPhone Coupon Apps to Save Money While Purchasing

iPhone Coupon Apps

Nowadays, there are probably lucrative discounts for every possible thing. And, iPhone coupon apps have also added to the list. Yes! You will find numerous coupon apps designed for iPhones which enable you to save some large bucks while making …

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