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Caller ID Windows Phone Apps

5 Top Caller ID Windows Phone Apps

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Nowadays, many individuals experience hoax phone calls or marketing calls, which are not at all desirable. Now, if you are experiencing a similar problem and if you wish to evade this problem, then a proper caller ID app can be the perfect solution. With the aid of a caller ID application, you can easily check the caller and can decide whether you wish to accept or reject the phone call. Simply go through the text below, in order to grab a profound idea about the most popular and apt caller ID windows phone apps.

5 Top Caller ID Windows Phone Apps

Caller ID Windows Phone Apps


The Truecaller has spread its prowess to all the popular and well defined mobile operating systems, and Windows is also not an exception in this regard. This application is featured perfectly, thereby enabling you to check the numbers which are calling you. In fact, you will also be provided information about the whereabouts of the number, which in turn will keep you alert about the marketing calls or the hoax phone calls. Again, if you miss a call, you can easily copy-paste the number and true caller will aptly inform you, about its whereabouts. This application comes for free.


This is also another popular caller ID windows phone apps. With the aid of this application you are well informed about the person who is calling you, thereby helping you to evade telemarketing calls or hoax call. This application is very easy to install and it is extremely user friendly. Like most of its contemporaries, this application too comes for free.


Whitepages is also one of the most popular applications designed for tracing an unknown caller. This application is highly user-friendly and it helps you to locate unknown calls and missed calls, if any. Whitepages is specifically essential for those individuals who tend to miss their calls due to important meetings or work sessions. This is a free application endowed with the current, version.


This is another highly relevant caller id application designed for the Windows Phone. With the aid of this application you are not only provided information about the whereabouts of your caller, but you are also endowed with the link of his/her address, along with his full name and FTC complaints (If any). These FTC complaints help you to decide where the calls are spam calls or not. This application is highly well featured and it comes free of cost.

CallClerk Caller ID

CallClerk Caller ID is another popular caller ID application, designed for the Windows phone. This application enables you to see who is calling you. Moreover, you are also informed about the whereabouts of that person with the aid of this application. The CallClerk Caller ID is a free application.

The mentioned applications are not only well featured but are also endowed with myriad benefits. They can aptly inform you about hoax calls and missed calls thereby fulfilling the complete responsibilities of a well defined caller id app. Go through the features of each of these applications, in order to choose the best and most apt caller id windows phone apps.

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