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Enable Facebook chat-heads in Apple iPhone

How to Enable Facebook chat-heads in Apple iPhone?

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Are you gaga over the current version of Facebook chat heads? Do you wish to incorporate the new and highly innovative Facebook chat heads in your iPhone? Well, the following text will aptly assist you in this regard, thereby helping you to enable facebook chat-heads in apple iPhone easily. Read along, to perceive better about the subject.

How to Enable Facebook chat-heads in Apple iPhone?

Enable Facebook chat-heads in Apple iPhone

Install the Facebook Message-Box Tweak

In order to enable these chat heads on your iPhone, you have to begin by installing the message box in your apple device. This message box is easily available in Cydia which enables you to take maximum advantages of using this product. However, while installing this app, you need to ensure that the ‘iFile’ application is already installed in your phone. This is absolutely essential in all regards, as, your iPhone will not support the message box tweak, if your phone is not endowed with the iFile app.

Run the message-box tweak

As mentioned earlier, you need to install the message box tweak in order to enable facebook chat-heads in apple iPhone. You can easily download this tweak, by searching it on Google and then tapping it, accordingly. This message box tweak works best on a jail broken iPhone, however, it also works relatively well in all the general iOS devices. Now, after installation of your tweak, run it and open it with the aid of iFile. You will find an “Open iFile” option after installing and running this tweak. Tap it, in order to open the file and enjoy its complete benefits. As soon as the file opens, tap on the option called “Installer” which present in the menu. You will soon find a “Done” option where you also have to tap, for getting this superbly innovative tweak installed on your phone. After completing the mentioned procedures, reboot your iPhone to enjoy the benefits of these cute and superbly designed Facebook stickers and smiley’s.

Enjoy chatting with innovative Facebook-Emoctions

By following the guidelines incorporated in the above text, you can easily enhance your chatting experience with the aid of some well designed, unique and highly innovative Facebook emotions in your iPhone. However, while downloading and installing the message box tweak, ensure that your iPhone is endowed with the official Facebook application.

The innovative Facebook emotions are sure to enhance your enjoyment of chatting on Facebook with your iPhone. In fact, the procedure of installation is also pretty quick and easy. So, stop thinking anymore and install the message box tweak to enable facebook chat-heads in apple iPhone.

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