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How to Use WhatsApp on Desktop with Chrome

WhatsApp on Desktop

The popular mobile application WhatsApp ( is now available to be on desktop. Use WhatsApp on desktop with chrome and is an extension of the regular mobile experience. It is a completely web based feature and this implies that there …

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Disable WhatsApp auto image download on Android device

Disable WhatsApp auto image download

WhatsApp messenger provides the unique way of chatting and also sharing multimedia and other types of files with other users. For this reason, WhatsApp has gained a large audience. WhatsApp download the images of the others user. This means the …

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How to Spy Other Whatsapp Account

Spy on Other WhatsApp Account

Whatsapp is indeed one of the most popular messengers among the smart phone apps. Each Whatsapp account has a MAC (Media Access Control) address which is a unique one. It changes with the change of device. People can Spy other …

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How to Extend WhatsApp License for Free upto 2022

Extend WhatsApp License

Whatsapp is the most popular messenger at present among the smart phones. This messenger runs on all smart phones, Android, Windows phones, iPhones and Blackberry. It provides free texting all over the world. Just it needs the mobile data connection. …

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How to Install WhatsApp on Windows Computer

Install WhatsApp On Windows Computer

Whatsapp Messenger has evolved as one of the most popular messenger of the present era. It was initially launched for the android smart phone users. Also it worked on Nokia S40 and S60 series. Whatsapp was also available for Blackberry …

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15 Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

Whatsapp Messenger has been voted as the best messenger app by users so far. It has got many salient features and messaging is very easy on this app. People can send multimedia efficiently. Whatsapp Messenger can be used to send …

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