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How To Decrypt Forgotten iPhone Passcode

Decrypt Forgotten iPhone Passcode

There are some iPhone pass codes which turn out to so effective that they can be easily forgotten. In such cases you might manage to lock yourselves out of your own phone and feel helpless as to how you will …

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How to find IMEI number of your stolen iPhone

IMEI number of your stolen iPhone

Look at the back of your phone no matter which model of the iPhone it is. The iPhone 5, 5c, 5s and the original iPhone will have the IMEI number engraved at the back of the phone. If you are …

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How to Block Unwanted Calls on iPhone in iOS 7

Block Unwanted Call on iPhone

Blocking unwanted calls, messages and facetime calls is one of the useful features in iOS7. With this new feature you can block unwanted calls on iPhone in iOS7 from a stalker, telemarketers or a crazy ex. It is very easy …

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5 Best Passbook Compatible iPhone Apps

Best Passbook compatible iPhone Apps

Passbook is an amazing tool offered to the iPhone users. It stores all types of things like the boarding passes as well as the gift cards or many more. But the app store for iPhone does not have much app …

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How to Remotely access Computer from iPhone

Remotely access Computer from iPhone

There are many apps available in the App store which can help you to connect your computer with your iPhone or iPad. You would be able to access your files, applications or any other program. Read on to know about …

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How To Install Adobe Flash Player on Android

Adobe Flash Player on Android

Adobe flash player is no longer available in the Google Play app store for download. Also, flash player has been removed from default android web browsers including Google chrome. HTML 5 is now considered in its place but flash player …

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10 Ways to Make Money Online Using Smartphone

In this modern era where technology is everywhere,  it has made our lives wonderful. Smartphone applications are designed in such a way that you can earn some extra money from anywhere. It helps you to cover the basic Smartphone bills …

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How To Use Xbox Controller On Jelly Bean

Use Xbox Controller On Jelly Bean

All android smart phone users were very happy to know that from now onwards, Xbox controllers can be attached to the smart phones having Jelly Bean OS. People who love to play games but did not have proper gaming systems …

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5 Best Android Keyboards

Best Android Keyboards

It may be regarded as one of the best features in Android phones is the ability to change the default keyboard which ships along with the phone. The ability to change the default keyboard is often overlooked. Well, this best …

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How to Setup New Android Phone (Step By Step Guide)

Setup New Android Phone

There are leading numbers of Android users around the world at present. Large numbers of Android smart phones are sold every day. People who never used android smart phone before should follow this article to know how to Setup New …

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