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How to Root Sony Xperia Z Android Phone

Root Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z, the ultimate Smartphone which has got the best of Sony under a single device. But being an Android operating system, the manufacturers have locked many features in the phone such as changing a value of an …

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How to Backup Non-rooted Android before Factory reset

Backup Non-rooted Android

There are many situations when one needs to backup the data of the phone. Factory reset is a big problem since all the system settings come back to the initial state. All the saved settings get lost. So here are …

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How to Speed Up Apple iPhone

Speed Up Apple iPhone

Are you intrigued to speed up Apple iPhone? Do you wish to enjoy the best and the most lag free performance from your Apple iPhone? Well, you need not think any longer as the following guidelines will help you with all …

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Using ODIN

Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 makes the note install many ROMs, apps from other devices, Wi-Fi tethering and makes the CPU run faster than before. Rooting means customizing the phone and it is highly recommended that only an expert …

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How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500)

The Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500) has many applications that over clocks the CPU, or as a cheat, change the value of an address of a game element while playing, or reduce texture graphics for smooth function, etc. These require application …

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How to Encrypt Android Phone and Benefits of Encrypting Phone

Encrypt Android Phone

Encryption is one of the safest ways to keep the data in an android secure. It does not let anyone misuse the data except the host. The data will be encrypted and secured with a password. To Encrypt Android Phone, …

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How to use Facebook Video Chat on iPhone?

Facebook Video Chat on iPhone

Are you intrigued to use Facebook video chat on iPhone? Do you wish to avail the maximum features of Facebook video chat from your iPhone? Well, think no longer as the following guidelines will effectively help you in this matter. …

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How to Speed Up Android Smartphones?

Are you tired of the lags of your Android Smartphone? Do you wish to enjoy smooth and lag free performance from it, accordingly? Do you wish speed up Android Smartphones to enjoy the best from it? Well, you need not …

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5 Top Cydia Tweaks 2013

Are you in search of lucrative and the latest Cydia Tweaks? Do you wish to trace the Top Cydia Tweaks of the year 2013? Do you wish to avail the maximum benefits out of these tweaks? Well, think no longer, …

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How to Speed Up Samsung Galaxy Smartphones?

Speed Up Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Do you wish to enjoy enhanced performance from your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone? Do you wish to expedite the speed of your Smartphone? Well, you can always do so with the aid of the following guidelines. These guidelines will provide you …

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