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Best Passbook compatible iPhone Apps

5 Best Passbook Compatible iPhone Apps

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Passbook is an amazing tool offered to the iPhone users. It stores all types of things like the boarding passes as well as the gift cards or many more. But the app store for iPhone does not have much app that is compatible with the Passbook. Here are few best Passbook compatible iPhone apps.

5 Best Passbook Compatible iPhone Apps

Best Passbook compatible iPhone Apps

  1. Starbucks– This is one of the best apps ever. If the user is a Starbucks customer and visits the store often, then this is the app for that person. It tracks all the rewards and pays through the Passbook and the iPhone. This app can be linked to the gift cards and the loyalty cards as well.
  2. Bill Guard– This app helps to keep a monitor on the transactions of the user’s credit card. If the notification of the app is turned on, the user will get notifications of any type of suspicious transactions. This is another of the best Passbook compatible iPhone apps.
  3. Klout– Users who spend almost half of the day on social networking sites such as the Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. must know about this app. This app measures all the social influences and gives a rate to the user as soon as the user connects it to all the social networking sites. 100 is the highest score on this app. The app will notify the user when the score goes up or down.
  4. AMC Stubs– Most of the movie theatres around the globe are run by the AMC as it is a large company. If the user is accustomed to any of the AMC members, this is the right app for him or her. This app will show all the movies that the user had seen and also the user can view the history of rewards.
  5. Square Wallet– This one of the finest ways of paying which large companies like Starbucks are accepting it. This app is also suitable for all small businesses. This app can be used to send gift cards to other people who are using the same app on the or smart phones.

The above apps are the best five Passbook compatible iPhone apps available in the market. People hardly know about the utilization of the Passbook compatible apps, but it is indeed one of the best tools ever provided by Apple. All the above apps are absolutely free of cost for the iPhone users.

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