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5 Top Android Smartphones in 2013 in Any Budget Segment

Top Android Mobile

We have already discussed that Android Mobiles are one of the best choice smartphones in any budget category. These all have powerful features of different Android versions with different hardware combination, addition to our earlier articles, Today we are going …

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How to Improve Mobile Phones Battery Life

improve mobile phones battery life

Battery life is the biggest concern for Smartphone users. That is one field where Smartphones can’t be “smart” about. Before Smartphones came into the market, the battery lives of mobile phones were measured in days. With Smartphones, now they are …

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How to Jailbreak iPad 3 – Tutorial Guide

jailbreak iPad 3

The success of Apple’s iPhone has brought the success of the iPad 3 along with it. As a tablet, the iPad has seen mainstream popularity among the mobile user community. The iPad gives users the premium tablet user experience. But …

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Tips to Choose Best Smartphone

tips to choose best smartphone

Smartphones are meant to make everyone’s lives easier. Hence, care should be taken when choosing a Smartphone to make sure it meets your requirements as well as your budget. With so many brands offering an endless range of Smartphones, it …

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How to Jailbreak iPhone 5 with Easy Steps

jailbreak iPhone 5

With the outstanding success of Apple’s iPhones, more and more people have started buying iPhones. With the exceptional user experience and Apple’s brand quality, iPhones help people get the most out of an iPhone. This user experience can be taken …

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How to Configure Multiple Emails in Android Mobile

Configure Multiple Emails in Android Mobile

The Gmail app by Google is one of the most powerful apps on Android. It provides awesome services. Many people think that managing more than one email account is impossible from Android. But that is not the case. Now it …

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ZTE Geek Specifications and Features

zte geek features

When the Intel Developer Forum 2013 was being held at Beijing, many new mobile and computing devices powered by Intel processor technology were being announced. Chinese smartphone manufacturer, ZTE, also announced a new smartphone called ZTE Geek. The ZTE geek …

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Google Glass Features and Specifications

Google Glass Features

Google Glass is an awesome innovation of science. It is just unbelievable how wonderfully the Google team has crafted it. A device of this sort can ever come up was just never imagined. It is a super trendy and lightweight …

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5 Best DSLR Cameras in 2013 for You

Best DSLR Cameras

When it comes to the field of professional photography, professionals choose the best among the rest as their weapon and hop into the field and wait until the right moment has arrived. The market is already occupied with top cameras …

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5 Best Laptops in 2013 for Everyone

best laptops

When it comes to a question of choosing between laptops there it becomes a great deal as the market has so many substitutes for laptops. There are several companies competing with each other to bring out and invent the best …

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