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5 Best Android Keyboards

Best Android Keyboards

It may be regarded as one of the best features in Android phones is the ability to change the default keyboard which ships along with the phone. The ability to change the default keyboard is often overlooked. Well, this best …

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Remotely access Computer from Android Phone

Many times you must have wanted to retrieve a file from your computer while you are away from your computer. Now instead of running back to the machine, you can remotely access computer from android device. You would just need …

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Disable WhatsApp auto image download on Android device

Disable WhatsApp auto image download

WhatsApp messenger provides the unique way of chatting and also sharing multimedia and other types of files with other users. For this reason, WhatsApp has gained a large audience. WhatsApp download the images of the others user. This means the …

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5 Security Tips for Facebook Mobile

Security Tips for Facebook Mobile

Facebook for mobile has become more popular than the Facebook for PC because people like to have Facebook on the go and they can have it only on their mobile. Also almost everyone has a smart phone these days and …

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How to try Play Store apps before buying them

try Play Store apps

The Google Play Store for android is one of the most popular smart phone app markets among the many available. It has got millions of applications on it which are sometimes useful and sometimes not. Few of these apps are …

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How To Emulate Android Apps On iPad Without Jailbreak

Emulate Android Apps On iPad

Have you ever wanted to emulate your android apps on iPhone? Do you wish to know whether there are some apps which can help you in this regard? Well, think no longer as the benchmarks below will effectively help you …

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5 Top Cydia Tweaks 2013

Are you in search of lucrative and the latest Cydia Tweaks? Do you wish to trace the Top Cydia Tweaks of the year 2013? Do you wish to avail the maximum benefits out of these tweaks? Well, think no longer, …

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5 Best Windows Phone Compression Apps

WINDOWS PHONE compression apps

Are you in search of the best and the most effective Windows phone compression apps? Do you wish to choose the best and the most apt range of applications in town? Well, the benchmarks in the following text will surely …

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5 Best iPhone Compression Apps (zip/rar)

iPhone compression apps

Are you in search of the best and the most well defined compression apps for iPhone? Are you confused in choosing over a wide array of applications? Well, the guidelines mentioned in the below text will effectively assist you in …

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5 Best Android Compression Apps (Zip/Rar)

Android compression apps

Nowadays, many individuals require appropriate and viable applications which can be effectively used for compressing data, files and folders. Now, a large number of these applications are available on the web. However, you need to refine your search and select …

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