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WINDOWS PHONE compression apps

5 Best Windows Phone Compression Apps

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Are you in search of the best and the most effective Windows phone compression apps? Do you wish to choose the best and the most apt range of applications in town? Well, the benchmarks in the following text will surely help you in this regard. Simply have a quick glance at the following lines in order to widen your perception and choose the apps which best suffices your requirements. Read through the lines, to know better.

5 Best Windows Phone Compression Apps

WINDOWS PHONE compression apps


This is probably the best and the most competent range of compression apps for windows. This application comes with myriad features and varied functions which make it highly effective and purposeful. With the aid of Winzip, you can easily compress a large number of files, in a zip or rar format. Thus, due to its advantageous features, this application is indeed a “must have” for all windows phone users. The Winzip is a premium app; however, it has a free trial application.


This is another lucrative application designed for the Windows Phone. This application comes with myriad features and a large number of advantages which simply enable you to compress many files in .zip and .rar format. The latest version of Archiver is equipped with bug fixing techniques which are highly viable.

Xceed Real-Time-Zip

This is another innovative application which adds zip and un-zip features to any Windows phone. This application is highly lucrative as it does not use any memory storage thereby simplifying your file compression procedure. This application is a bit pricey; however, you can easily use it for a period 30 days or 60 days trial, as per convenience.

Archiver Pro

Archiver Pro is one of the most well featured Windows phone compression apps. It comes with numerous features each of which effectively makes it highly luring and appropriate. This new version of Archiver is free from the bugs of the previous version and it works amazingly well. This application will cost you Rs 55.


The GZip is another well featured application designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8 Phones. This application allows you to archive files and compress them in zip or rar format. Moreover, you can also un-archive the files with the aid of this luring application. This application comes for free.

The mentioned applications are not only well defined but are also highly well featured and user-friendly. These are probably the best and the most lucrative range of Windows phone compress apps. Thus, choose wisely and choose the app which best meets your requirements.

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