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Alternative to Apple Maps

Best Alternative to Apple Maps for iPhone and iPad

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Are you looking for an alternative to apple maps for iPhone? Do you wish to know more about the best and the most effective alternative apps in this regard? Do you wish to garner a sound idea about these applications? Well, consider your search and quest for these lucrative alternatives to be over as the guidelines in the following text will effectively guide you in this respect. Simply read on, for better knowledge about the same.

Best Alternative to Apple Maps for iPhone and iPad

Alternative to Apple Maps

Google Maps

Google maps can turn out to be a highly effective and beneficial solution in this regard, as Google provides you with the most accurate and authentic road maps that holistically help you to reach your desired destination. The free, voice facility coming with this free application enhances its feasibility. In fact, these Google maps are compatible with all other iOS devices including iPad.  2.0 is the current version of this application.


This is another major and the most purposeful alternatives for the apple maps on your iOS device. This app is a luring one which provides you with apt traffic updates and proper maps which in turn enable you to charter the roads without any difficulties. The free voice maps coming with this application, adds to its feasibility and effectiveness. Currently this application is teaming the 4.0.1 version.


Waze is one of the most popular and free applications designed for Apple iPhones and iPads which enable you to locate your desired location effectively, without any discrepancies regarding the same. This is a popular alternative to apple maps for iPhone, and, it is highly popular due to its wide array of features and benefits. In fact, this application also endows you with the regular traffic updates. ‘3.7.2’ is the latest version of this application.

Maps Quest

This is one of the most effective and well defined applications from Apple which enables you to locate hotels, restaurants, bookstores, grocery stores, banks, gas pumps and various other relevant places with a single tap. This application is highly recommendable due to its advantages and feasibility offered.

Telenav Scout

This is a highly well featured and lucrative app which enables you to easily locate the traffic updates, weather updates and all the complicated locations which you cannot find. This application like most of its contemporaries comes free of cost.

Each of the applications mentioned are highly lucrative, productive and appropriate in all regards. Thus, you can jolly well use them, if you are really intrigued to choose a proper alternative to apple maps on the iPhone. Choose wisely and choose the app which best suits your purpose.

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