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Best Android Browsers

5 Best Android Browsers for Regular Surfers in 2013

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Are you searching for the best android browsers for your Smartphone?  Are you baffled while choosing the best browser for your phone? Well, consider your search and confusion to be over. The following paragraphs contain sound information about the best android browsers; read along to know better.

5 Best Android Browsers for Regular Surfers

Best Android Browsers

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an amazing browser, which suits your android phone best. With this browser you can enjoy an uninterrupted internet browsing experience. In fact, Google Chrome has numerous features which can help you to navigate the web better. The search tool provided at the beginning of the page does, most of the magic. And, the best feature about this browser is its feature to sync. This feature enables you to save all your bookmarks and passwords appropriately. And, from text scaling to auto fill forms and appropriate bandwidth management, this browser offers you with the best and a purposeful browsing experience.

Opera Mobile Web Browser

Opera is one of the oldest and best android browsers which present you with some amazing browsing features and fast web page loading facilities. This browser is also designed to hold multiple tabs without losing its fast speed. It saves bandwidth, allows text wrapping, supports all the versions of Adobe Flash and finally offers you with an amazing support from HTML. Use this browser, to enjoy a smooth browsing experience.

Maxthon Android Web Browser

It is indeed a multi device browser at all respects. The browser allows you to sync all your vital data with the help of icloud. Again, it also allows you to operate cloud based tabs, proper browsing facilities, reader mode facilities, numerous addendums and a strong personalization capacity.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is a browser which is totally appropriate for android phones. This browser has minimal themes which make it all the more desirable for tech savvies. This is in fact, one of the best android browsers with amazing and superb surfing facilities coupled with smart web rendering facilities. Moreover, it also has features for searching the web which is directed by a voice. The speed-dials, intriguing add ons and sidebars totally lure you to purchase this product.

Mozilla Firefox

Initially Mozilla Firefox used to be one of the best android browsers, but with the passage of time, it couldn’t stand out against the competition of other browsers. Yet, some of the add-ons, sync facilities and HTML support facilities make this browser a moderately interesting one.

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