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Best Windows Phone Fitness Apps

5 Best Windows Phone Fitness Apps

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At present, the world is totally polluted. Everywhere there is pollution of environment. Due to this pollution, more and more people are getting sick. So these days; people are getting conscious of their health. But the worst part is they hardly have time out of their busy schedule to go to the doctor. So we have collected Best Windows Phone Fitness Apps for our readers.

5 Best Windows Phone Fitness Apps

Best Windows Phone Fitness Apps

Here is 5 Best Windows Phone Fitness Apps list

  1. Total C25K: This app is helpful when a person does jogging. It will show the progress of jogging. This app will help a person to lose fat and have a perfect body structure. It will show notification when to switch between walking, jogging and running. This notification will indicate his or her improvement.
  2. Gym Pocket Guide: This is one of the best fitness apps for Windows phone. People go to gym these days. But they face difficulty to make out time to go to the gym. This app will show the methods to use all the gym equipments. So a person can perform the gym activities sitting at home only. There is no need to go to gym anymore to know how to use the equipments.
  3. Yoga Trainer: For fitness, it is always not necessary to work out on gym or run for long distances. Yoga is really helpful for fitness. It keeps the mind fresh. A healthy mind will lead to a healthy living. This app has 11 different postures for doing yoga. All the postures are very easy and effective. Yoga is scientifically proved for fitness.
  4. Fitbit Companion: This app is one of the best fitness apps on Windows phones. This app will track all the daily physical activities such sleep pattern, body, etc. It can thus record the basal metabolic rate of a person on a daily basis. It can also keep tracks of swimming, cycling and other athletic activities. Keeping the records of daily activities is very important. It will show the difference between day to day activities.
  5. MyFitnessPal: This app is wonderful as it shows the daily calorie intake and burnt. So one can track the amount of calories used up. Also he or she can decide the amount of calorie to be taken daily.

All the apps available at free of cost in Windows app market:

These apps are available at free of cost in the app market of Windows. To avail these Best Windows Phone Fitness Apps, the just the download links have to be clicked. In the Windows market, there will be options for downloading the apps. These Best Windows Phone Fitness Apps are really helpful for daily life as there is increased pressure these days.

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