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5 Best Android Travel Apps for Travellers

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In that time of the year when everybody is going in a vacation, perhaps you too doing the same. Everything is planed; reservations are made well in advance. But most of the time we do not get enough time to plan our travels, be it for business or a sudden family outing. If you have an android phone or tab, then you don’t have to worry when you are travelling. Please check our 5 Best Android Travel Apps.

5 Best Android Travel Apps

Best Android Travel Apps

Google Maps

One of the best travel apps is Google Maps because it’s versatile. You can navigate to an unknown destination, know the driving or walking distance, look for nearby pubs, ATMs subway and railway station, emergency services like hospitals, fire fighting units etc. A Google map is so popular because it can be used in any part of the world. With Google map in your phone or tab, the world is in your hand. This is one of the Best Android Travel Apps due to its Navigation features.


It is also Best Android Travel Apps, because Translator apps help to overcome the language barrier. Peoples have been travelling to unknown places, signs or interpreter was our only resort. But the invention of internet and now the translator apps have ease the job. Google translate is the most popular one, it can support more than 70 language, listen to the translation, translation from voice recognition etc.

Hotels And Restaurants

During your business trip, you end up in a place outside of your trip itinerary. Finding hotels is a tough job in big cities or small hamlets., trip advisor are the apps which can help you with hotels and restaurants along with user review of the place. You can securely book hotels on the go, without compromising with data theft. You can select from a wide variety of hotels, you can also compare and sort by price, star ratings. Sometimes, the apps reward by giving discount or points.

Trip Organizer

Are you worried about losing your travel ticket or anxious about today weather at the destination? Don’t, because TRIPIT is an android app to help you out of these situations. You can find your airline ticket, get directions to your hotels as well as remember the dinner time with client or family. You just have to forward your travel details such as hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant reservations to TRIPIT. The rest will be taken care by it.

Local News

If you are travelling to that part of the world, where strike is a daily phenomenon, you should be updated with news and weather condition. News and weather app can help you with valuable news about curfews and strikes.

You can be less worried if you are armed with Best Android Travel Apps. With these Best Android Travel Apps you will be able to find best places to stay, visit, eat and joy and you don’t have to face any trouble.

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