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Install Ubuntu On Android Device

How To Install Ubuntu On Android Device

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Ubuntu is by far one of the best versions of Linux. It is the most compatible one and is voted the best by the users. Now experiments always go on, and will be going on. So after an experiment, it was found that it is possible to Install Ubuntu on Android Device.

How To Install Ubuntu On Android Device

Ubuntu is one of the leading OS:

This was just outstanding. But the thing which has to be noted is that the android phone has to be a rooted one. Unless it is rooted, Ubuntu cannot be installed on to the android phone. There is an ‘Ubuntu Installer’ which will actually install the Ubuntu on the android phone.

 Install Ubuntu On Android Device

Salient features of Ubuntu:

There are many salient features of using Ubuntu on android. The first and foremost advantage is that Ubuntu can actually be accessed on an android platform. This was never imagines before. This is really awesome. Secondly, both the Ubuntu and Android will be running simultaneously and not one at a time. This Ubuntu is greatly optimized for ARM devices. The Ubuntu desktop is very light weight. This is one of the biggest advantages of using Ubuntu. There is an Ubuntu update manager which manages all the apps in an organized way. Ubuntu allows accessing all the files of memory card as well as internal memory.

It occupies very low RAM space:

There is another great feature on Ubuntu. People can set the resolution of the screen size while the device is booting. There is no need to download particular image for variety of screen sizes anymore. While installing Ubuntu, it will show two types of installations. One has to be chosen. It will show ‘large’ or ‘light weight’. It is better to choose the light weight one as this will occupy less RAM space. There are even higher versions of this Ubuntu which are of size 1.5 GB to 3.5 GB. These versions have bells and whistles like the Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, GIMP image, etc.

Higher versions of Ubuntu are also available:

Those versions obviously have all the features of the light weight versions which are the basic needs for running Ubuntu. Ubuntu gives a brand new look to the android. The Ubuntu UI or the desktop looks pretty cool.

The Ubuntu utilizes the minimal space of RAM. There have been no complaints regarding by the users so far. Rather people have praised about it and started using it too. The Android platform is an open source which supports lots of apps. Ubuntu is one of those, which must be utilized in the correct way.

Hope you like our article How To Install Ubuntu On Android Device, with this method you can easily Install Ubuntu On Android Device.

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