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Android Educational Apps

5 Best Android Educational Apps

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Educational apps are absolutely essential for kids, adults and young adults simultaneously. It helps you know and understand better about certain vital issues. Now, if you own an Android phone, learning can be fun for you. Yes! Some of the best and most effective android educational apps is offered by the potential app developers. The text below has a glimpse of these vital applications. Read through it, to understand better.

5 Best Android Educational Apps

Android Educational Apps

Fun Calculator Kids

The Fun Calculator Kids is a popular math game which has broken or limited set of numbers. The players have to effectively reach a specified set by solving easy, moderate and difficult math problems. Thus, if you wish to sharpen your faculties for mathematics or want your kids to do the same the fun calculator is the perfect option for you. This is one of the free android educational apps and it comes in the latest 1.08t version.


Yes! You’ve read exactly right, there is indeed an educational app for android named as TED. This app has the speeches of some of the most versatile geniuses of the world. From education enthusiasts, to tech savvies this app. suits the preference and interest of all. The latest version of this free application is 1.1.6.


EduDroid is a lucrative application for parents, teachers and also students. It presents you with varieties of multiplication problems, sums, spelling checks, handwriting checks, quizzes and lots more features. This application a free one, and, with the myriad features it presents you with, this app is indeed worth purchasing. The current version of EduDroid is 1.0.


The Edmodo is an amazing app designed for Android which helps the teachers and students connect easily and quickly. It allows them to send data, notes, documents and also converse about various vital issues. This app like its contemporary comes for free and 2.4 is the latest version of Edmodo.


This is one of the most popular android educational apps designed for kids ageing from 2-8 years. It bears amazing stories with videos and pictures which help your child delve into books of different sort. This is a highly interactive application, suiting the myriad needs of the kids.

The applications mentioned are some of the best and most popular android educational apps. You can easily purchase them or simply install them for free. These applications not only help the kids understand better, but also help you to perceive certain significant stuffs better.

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