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Transfer Balance For All Mobile Networks

How to Transfer Balance for All Mobile Networks?

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Ever wanted to transfer the balance from your balance to elsewhere? Ever thought of the tips that can be employed in doing the same? Well, think no longer, as the guidelines below will help you to transfer balance in some of the most popular mobile platforms. From Airtel to Vodafone, Uninor, Tata Docomo, Idea and even Aircel, BSNL and Reliance (GSM); you will find the correct and viable methods to transfer balance for all mobile networks.

How to Transfer Balance for All Mobile Networks?

Transfer Balance For All Mobile Networks

Transferring Balance from Airtel

In order to transfer your balance from Airtel, you need to dial *1413, from tour mobile phone. Soon you will receive a voice menu portal where you will be provided with lots of instructions. Go through the instructions by initially selecting your chosen language, and then wait for the procedure to take place. In fact, transferring balance from the Airtel is now, a pretty easy job. You can easily transfer balance from Rs5 to Rs 30 accordingly.

Transferring balance from Tata Docomo

Transferring balance is Tata Docomo is also a pretty easy job, where you can perform the entire procedure with the aid of a text message. Simply type BT Mobile Number Amount and send it to 54321 to transfer your desired amount of balance. For example, type BT 9876554321 30. The normal charge for text messaging is charged in this regard.

Transferring balance from Idea

Idea allows you to transfer your chosen amount with the aid of a text message. Simply type, GIVE Mobile Number amount and send it to 55567 to get your amount transferred. For example type, GIVE 9998887776 20 and send it to 55567.

Transferring Balance from Vodafone

For transferring balance from Vodafone, simply type *131*Amount*Mobile Number# and your chosen amount will be sent to the mobile number you’ve selected. For example, type *131*50*987654321#, to send Rs 50. In Vodafone you cannot send less than Rs 50.

Transferring balance from Uninor

Now, you can easily transfer balance for all mobile networks. And, Uninor does not stay behind in this race. You can easily transfer balance from Uninor by dialing *202*Mobile Number* amount#. For Example, dial *202*987654321*20# from your mobile to transfer Rs 20. The minimum balance that can be sent is Rs 20.

Transferring Balance from Aircel

Transferring balance from Aircel is easy. Simply dial *122*666# in order to transfer your desired balance. Follow the set of instructions, given. Aircel allows you to transfer Rs 5, Rs 10 and also Rs 100.

Transferring Balance from BSNL

In order to transfer balance from your BSNL mobile, simply type GIFT Mobile number Amount and send it to 53733.  For example, type GIFT 987654321 50 and send it accordingly. However, you can only transfer an amount to the BSNL numbers and you cannot send an amount less than Rs 10.

Transferring Balance from Reliance (GSM)

For transferring balance from your Reliance GSM connection simply type, *367*3# from your reliance phone. You will then find a host of instructions that needs to be followed accordingly. Follow the instructions to get your desired balance amount transferred.

Thus, the above text contains a brief yet effective technique which can be adapted to transfer balance for all mobile networks. Follow the mentioned procedure, and listen to the instructions of your service provider aptly in order to get your specified amount to transfer balance for all mobile networks, swiftly and easily.

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