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Best Camera Apps for Windows Phone

5 Best Camera Apps for Windows Phone

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If you fancy having a Windows Phone in your kitty, Imaging will always be one of the necessary points to check. Barring the fact that Microsoft hasn’t put its best foot in terms of Cameras in Windows Phone, they have certain improvements in their Lens. There are a number of apps made available in the market. These apps in the market could be used to enhance image technicalities and prepare image slightly differently oriented from the orthodox ones.  Windows has provided few best apps that no other company could provide. Users are very happy to use all the apps. 5 of the Best Camera Apps for Windows Phone are listed as:

5 Best Camera Apps for Windows Phone

Here are our 5 Best Camera Apps for Windows Phone.

Best Camera Apps for Windows Phone

  1. Photosynth This software offers a wide range of diverse photographic options. One such option is the feature of shooting flawless panorama shots from vertical and horizontal angles.  The images thus captured can be shared via or via Bing where the option of tagging people into Bing the maps is also available.
  2. Picture Perfect If you are on the lookout for a range of basic tools, this is the app that should perfectly fit the bill for you.  Being of the Best Camera Apps for Windows Phone, it has lived up to the reputation of what it promises.  The app has a feature of selecting a range of automatic changes to be applied to the image captured. It also has an option to give it a different look without the need of applying customized effects.  The other important tools involve alterations in dimensions, sharpening colours and temperatures, etc.
  3. Photofunia This app deals with the merging of two features, cloud computing and photo editing. This app offers various tools to edit images such as filters, cards, posters and several other tools. This app takes the images formed to the cloud storage. The developers of this app can boast of the hundreds (three hundred to be precise) of effects that are available to the user of the app.
  4. Phototastic This app is a more than considerable option for beginners to advanced users looking for a package fully loaded with fantastic options.  Starting from adding bits of texts to putting the images in an attractive frame, this app has it all. You name it, they’ve got it. No wonder it is one of the Best Camera Apps for Windows Phone.
  5. Fhotoroom This app provides three major and significant imaging features. One of them being image capturing of professional level and the other two are editing and sharing analogous to professional minded photographers.  It also offers settings to adjust camera exposure and other camera centric adjustments.

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