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Best Windows Phone Apps to Play Live TV

Best Windows Phone Apps to Play Live TV

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With the advent of powerful smartphones and mobile operating systems, users have limitless control over what they do with a smartphone. Smartphone users can send and receive emails, organize daily tasks, click photographs, make online payments and even watch live TV. Although most functions are dependent on a smartphone, watching live TV is dependent on the network performance. With network speeds becoming faster, watching streamed live TV is now a reality. In this article, we will list out the Best Windows Phone Apps to Play Live TV.

Best Windows Phone Apps to Play Live TV

Best Windows Phone Apps to Play Live TV


JViewer is one of most popular Live TV app for Windows Phone users. Users can browse through a vast list of Live TV channels. The channels number in hundreds. Users can search channels using keywords as well as by category. Categories include Sports, News, Movies, Music, Tech, Social, Animals, Games, etc. Live streams can also be recorded so that one can watch it later as per convenience. The app has a nice fresh look to it making it one of the best Live TV app for Windows Phone.


Another popular Live TV app is TVShow. Live tiles allow users to get an overview of the app from the application drawer. Users can read about upcoming episodes of their favorite shows. One can also read about the details of each and every episode of a TV show. The app also incorporates a YouTube player so that one can also watch YouTube videos from within the app. One can also share the episodes through social media websites like Twitter. Users can also choose to be notified before an episode of a favorite show is aired.


This is a great Live TV app for Windows Phone users ad provides users with over eight hundred Live TV channels to choose from. The channels are from different regions throughout the world. There is TV guide too and new channels are added to the database quite often. And the app is totally free of cost. There are a wide range of categories of channels to choose from. With just a flip, users can watch a channel in full screen mode. The app allows a user to pause and play channels as well.


This is one of Best Windows Phone Apps to Play Live TV for Indian TV Viewers, you can watch most of the indian tv channels and it also provides few custom TV channels for watching movies and shows. You can watch Live TV as well as previous episodes of your favorite TV serials, Although few channels are on subcription models, so you have to pay money to watch those channels.

Mundu TV

This is also one of Best Windows Phone Apps to Play Live TV for Indian TV Viewers. It comes with single subscription model for mobile, laptop or desktop.Many indian tv channels available on Mundu TV.You can enjoy an amazing TV watching experience on Wi-Fi, GPRS or 3G.

There are many Live TV apps for Windows Phone users. But most of them do not provide a good Live TV watching experience. The apps mentioned above are the Best Windows Phone Apps to Play Live TV of the lot and provide the best experience while watching Live TV.

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