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Tips for Buying Laptop

Tips for Buying Laptop for Personal or Professional Use

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Confused buying a new laptop? Before taking an expensive laptop you should think about the purpose. Is it casual internet surfing , working with spreadsheets and document files or you are going to use it for graphics heavy or resource heavy applications such as 3D modeling ,gaming etc. After you have decided upon the purpose of use, let me guide you through the options widely available and my Tips for Buying Laptop.

Tips for Buying Laptop for Personal or Professional Use

Screen Size

Screen size selection depends upon your type of work. If your work is limited to emailing, then a small screen size laptop or notebook is perfect for you, these are known as the attributable variance of screen size 11-12 inch. Laptops are emerging as an entertainment center, widescreen laptops are suitable for HD movie, and photo viewing internet surfing, 14-15-16 inch laptops are perfect for entertainment center. But if your work depends on heavy graphics or hardcore gaming, then you need laptops as desktop replacement. These laptop screen size starts from 17 inches having a display resolution of 1080p. Generally medium screen size laptop is more useful than the small and large screen size laptops.

Tips for Buying Laptop


When it comes to selecting processors, we are in a big dilemma. There are two options available, Intel and AMD. AMD’s new A-series named A4, A6 and A8 processor have double the performance over the previous generation of AMD CPU’s, and to offer up to 12 hours of battery life. Intel is armed with core I series and lower end chips such as Celeron and Pentium .Core i3 is good for a budget and midrange laptops, this dual-core CPU is  for everyday computing. Core i5 is found in 15-inch and even some 17-inch laptops, usually .Core i7 is Available in both dual-core and quad-core versions, these processors are inexpensive performance machines, which are used for heavy gaming and graphics or video editing. Pentium and Celeron chips are still in manufacturing for low end laptops but should be avoided as core i3 is a better choice. This is the main Tips for Buying Laptop, that you have to consider hardware part, because if hardware is supported we can change software, but replacement of hardware is not always possible.

Operating System

Most laptops are preinstalled with operating systems .Windows operating system gives users the flexibility to personalize and tweaking. Windows users also have the opportunity to mix and match from a wide range of hardware and with windows 8. Microsoft has added support for touch screen systems and tablets. Apple’s operating system OSX, on the other hand, is only available with apples systems. The joint platform of hardware and software makes for a much more stable and predictable experience. Many users prefer OSX for its user friendly layout.


As with other components such as hard disk drives and RAM, the only rule that applies is, the bigger the better. Always try to have laptops with more storage space as upgrading storage is more costly. The same is with RAM. Before buying a laptop, ensure that it has a vast connectivity options such as Bluetooth, wifi, HDMI ports. If you are going to work with graphics heavy applications, such as gaming or video editing, your laptop should have good Graphics processing unit. The GPU can vary from low end to very high end costing thousands of bucks. This is also one of the main Tips for Buying Laptop.

We use a laptop, because it is it is Easy to carry. So portability is very important for a laptop. If any laptop is difficult to carry for its heavy weight, then avoid this laptop. Generally anything between 1.5-3 kg is good enough.

Hope you like our article Tips for Buying Laptop for Personal or Professional Use, please also share your Tips for Buying Laptop to our readers.

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  1. I really like the information that you share here. It is very tough situation to chose the best quality laptop. Because all are containing almost same features. But by your information we can easily select

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