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Best Anti-Theft Apps for Android Phones

5 Best Anti-Theft Apps for Android Phones

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Android has become a popular operating system in a few decades from now. The most attractive things are the apps available in the Play Store. One can never lose a phone since it always remains protected with antitheft apps giving relief to the user. Here we will discuss about 5 Best Anti-Theft Apps for Android Phones.

5 Best Anti-Theft Apps for Android Phones

Best Anti-Theft Apps for Android Phones

Where’s My Droid

This application basically acts as a locator for the phone. It lets the user to send a message or a mail for acting as a word of attention forcing the phone to prompt or to ring. The phone rings even it is mode is in silence helping the user to know about its whereabouts.

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Based on anti-theft this app does a multiple work at the same time. It not only provides the user with the phone location but also protects the phone against harmful malwares. This software acts quickly against harmful threats ad malware. This app also provides GPS locating and ringing capabilities. But recent polls say that users are having problem as this app takes a lot of memory space. Phone Locator

With the help of this app you can remotely turn on a lost smart phone based on Android OS. This triggers the phone either to ring loudly or provide options to track the phone via GPS or through other network assistance. It also has options for tracking coordinate GPS online. allows user to share info of location with friends and family. This is one of the Best Anti-Theft Apps for Android Phones.

Prey Phone Tracker

As the name suggests you have to set up an account at first to access tracking of the device. One account can be used to control the accesses to other devices secured by the app itself. Using this app one can get the exact location of the stolen handset either via GSM triangulation or through GPS location. This phone really comes in hand in case of emergency.


MobiUcare performs similar act as an anti-theft app. An attention word can be sent out the stolen device through this app via texts or voice. This will trigger the phone to make a lot of loud noises or to provide its location via GPS. Though the instructions given in the app are clear and easy to follow users often find it difficult to uninstall the application.

There are many other apps available in the Play store but among them these few have gained more popularity. You can use these Best Anti-Theft Apps for Android Phones to prevent your device from getting lost. Stay in touch for more updates related to this topic.

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