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Best iPhone Anti-Theft Apps

5 Best iPhone Anti-Theft Apps

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Most people out there boast about using an iPhone and they should because it deserves to get praised. But the felling of losing the phone gives goose bumps. To prevent this from happening one can use anti-theft apps to protect their phone from getting stolen or lost. Here we are going to discuss about Best iPhone Anti-Theft Apps.

5 Best iPhone Anti-Theft Apps

Best iPhone Anti-Theft Apps

Find My iPhone

You can find your stolen or misplaced iPhone with the help of Find My Phone. You can install this software in any of your iOS based device and need to sign in there with your user ID. You can locate your iPhone with this app and lock it, erase important data from it and can even display a message on it. An important point one must keep in mind is that the app must be kept on from the iCloud setting or it will be a problem to locate your phone.

Motion Alarm

As the name goes this app is really interesting with its work. This is a motion triggered app which gets activated when the phone reaches a preset level of jerking resulting in permanent blockage of phone usage. This device lets you to set a particular sensitivity level at which it will recognize any intruder touching the phone.

Gotcha Pro Alarm

This is a cool app which keeps notice of the phone even when it is in sleep mode or lock mode. It lets you know about the whereabouts of your device when you are not around via motion. It blocks the volume keys and locks the phone setting an alarm which cannot be stopped. The app also provides a GPS location in case the phone is out of reach.

Stay Away

This is another app which acts like you personal cop and sets out a red flash light along with loud sound whenever someone tries to sneak the phone. This will startle the intruder forcing to leave without the phone. This app makes a lot of sounds mixed in different forms and also vibrates, but the screen remains in sleep mode creating more problems for the thief.


Once you lock your iPhone with this app and it gets armed then you need not to worry any longer anymore. If your phone is being picked by any unknown person then it sets off loud alarm. It will disable all other function keys continuing to ring loud.

All the above mentioned Best iPhone Anti-Theft Apps are proved to provide protection against any theft. I would prefer all you iPhone users to go for any one of these Best iPhone Anti-Theft Apps and see what not it can do. Hope the above mentioned Best iPhone Anti-Theft Apps were of help to you.

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