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Best iPhone Camera Apps

5 Best iPhone Camera Apps for Photo Geeks

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As newer phones are getting released each and every day, newer apps are also coming up. All the smart phones are having awesome cameras these days. Yet people are getting bored by taking just normal snaps. There are plenty of apps available for modifying the quality of cameras. These apps are getting popular very rapidly. These apps are made in such a way that it will attract the users at first glance only. These apps provide few fantastic, rather many fantastic effects. These effects add beauty to the quality of photo. It gives an artistic touch to the pictures and makes it professional. Here is the Best iPhone Camera Apps.

5 Best iPhone Camera Apps for Photo Geeks

  1. Camera+: The main attractions of this app is that the exposure can be set manually and the focus too. The LED is lit continuously to fulfill the light deficiency. The effects provided in this app give a professional outlook to the images. This app is one of the Best iPhone Camera Apps.
  2. Camera Awesome: The pros of this app is the ‘1 tap Awesomize’. It also has features called ‘1 tap sharing’ and ‘video precording’. These are the special attractions of this app. These features are specially designed for this app and works best with it. This app gives real time effect. The pictures look like they have captured using a digital camera. There are also few filters added to this app.
  3. CameraBag 2: The advantages of this app are the high quality photos. The interface is very minimalistic. The styles provided in this app are user defined. There are 24 styles of variations. This app can be used to edit high filtered images even. This app converts any image to a high quality one. There are more than 50 styles which can be availed if the supplementary apps are downloaded.Best iPhone Camera Apps
  4. 645 Pro: The pro of this app is the extremely high quality photos. This image formats are dRAW or TIFF. The control is unprecedented. All the modes provided in this app are like professional outlooks. It has the filters to edit an image. It can manage the color balance of an image, change the image modes and has interchangeable backs. Users have voted this app as one of the Best iPhone Camera Apps.
  5. Pris: The advantage of this app is the full screen shutter button, the streamlined focus as well as the exposure control. It also has the live luminosity histogram.

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