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Password Storing iPhone Apps

5 Best Password Storing iPhone Apps

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Managing passwords is absolutely necessary, especially if you have numerous folders and vital data on your iPhone. With a host of various Password Storing iPhone Apps, your private information is kept secure. Some of these apps are for free; however, there are also some, which need to be purchased accordingly. Glance through the following text, in order to grab a better insight about these apps.

5 Best Password Storing iPhone Apps

Password Storing iPhone Apps


The dashlane 2.0 is the latest version of a password managing app which appropriately encrypts and keeps your necessary data and login credentials safe and secure. You need to add only one strong password for your account and soon the rest of the passwords are generated and managed automatically. This app is originally free; however, you have to pay a price of 270 per month to enjoy its complete benefits.


If you forget your passwords from time to time, then 1 password is a perfect solution to your problems. With this app, you have to enter your password only once, which allows you to log in to multiple accounts on your phone. Moreover, the passwords generated by this app are useful and easy to remember. The latest version of 1Password is 4.2.1 and it comes at a range of Rs 499.


eWallet is a unique password managing app which suits the purpose of all those individuals who have to store vital data on their phones. This app not only allows you to store passwords, but it also enables you to store anything which needs apt security. The latest version of this app is 7.4.3 which has new and advanced features along with a complete solution to its initial problems. eWallet can be purchased for Rs 550.


This is perhaps the simplest and most user-friendly Password Storing iPhone Apps. Apart from passwords you can also store your debit and credit card numbers and all other sensitive information with wallet. You can create, remove and search your preferred entries with the global search option. The 3.1.1 is the latest version of this app, which appropriately fixes any and every bug in ‘wallet’. This application comes in a range of Rs 550.


oneSafe is an innovative app which stores your password along with other notable and relevant information. It also allows you to copy and paste complex and significant usernames and passwords easily. The latest version of this app is 2.1.2, is well equipped to fix major and minor bugs. The oneSafe password manger comes at an affordable range of Rs 350.


SplashID allows you store all your necessary information including your passwords, credit card numbers, and account numbers by using complex passwords. The latest version of this app 6.2.4, aptly fixes bugs and type filters issues. You can purchase this app for Rs 550.

The mentioned Password Storing iPhone Apps are both lucrative and cost effective simultaneously. You can easily purchase these Password Storing iPhone Apps and install them accordingly in your phones. These Password Storing iPhone Apps are extremely purposeful, if you forget your password from time to time. Hence, invest in these apps for some lucrative benefits.

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