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5 Best Windows Phone Travel Apps

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Windows phones and the latest android phones become handy when in times you act as a vagabond and need to travel places all around the globe to satisfy your mind or in business dealings. In such cases having a windows phone is a must and should always be loaded with travelling apps to ensure your way to your destination. Some of the Best Windows Phone Travel Apps are discussed below:

5 Best Windows Phone Travel Apps

Best Windows Phone Travel Apps


This app simplifies your path to your destination. In this app, you can always keep an eye for touring plans and plan your tour to distant lands beforehand. You can also keep a note on the flights available to the lands and benefit yourself equipping yourself from before and this also helps to synchronize with your schedule.


If you are planning to travel to foreign lands, abroad then this app becomes too helpful in locating places. This app also searches for businesses in a particular area and points out he nearly located restaurant, club, and disco etcetera. Further this app also helps you by reviewing the ratings, pictures, addresses, contact numbers etcetera. As the tagline denotes, Yelp is always there to help!

XE Currency Converter

This app helps you to show the converting scales of various currencies from around the world like dollars, yen, euro, rupees etcetera. This app will help you maintain your expenditure and be rational toward your expenses by simply converting the amount to the present location’s currency and letting you know and thus helps you not to be fooled or scammed by professionals.


This app helps you to make reservations from the place you are presently present. This app informs you about the latest and confirmed reservations, vacant reservations. You don’t need to pressurize your physic as it can now be done from where you are just some options to tap and you are done.


A smooth working app and the most accepted app globally and this helps you locate almost anything and search for the nearest restaurants, clubs, and find you path home or hotel or resort anywhere on the whole world. This app gives you a neat and clean presentation of the places and can also measure the distance whether travelled by walking, cycle or car. This app is undoubtedly an impressive app of all.

These Best Windows Phone Travel Apps should always be installed on the Windows Phones of those who like to travel and these apps in turn helps them a lot. Hope the above information and mentioned Best Windows Phone Travel Apps helps our dear readers.

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