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Best VoIP Smartphone Apps

7 Best VoIP Smartphone Apps for You

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Having a smart phone nowadays is much more advantageous than the olden phones which were not so smart in its performance. These smart phones allow you to interact with the whole world viz. VoIP. These VoIP apps allow you to make calls and contact anyone anywhere around the world. These apps are easily available if you have a built-in HSDPA or a Wi-Fi connection in your smart phone. The Best VoIP Smartphone Apps are discussed below.

7 Best VoIP Smartphone Apps

Best VoIP Smartphone Apps

  1. Skype
    Skype is the most popular and one of the Best VoIP Smartphone Apps, which allows you to make calls for free. This app allows you to make call to anyone anywhere on Earth you just need to have a Skype account registered with your cellular number. This app is used mainly in business operations where people have to stay in touch with everyone around the globe.
  2. Nimbuzz
    This app enables you to send free text to your friends, send voice or have a video chat at much cheaper rates. This app comes in handy that can run on every possible OS like iOS, Symbian, Java, Android etc.
  3. Vopium
    This app is suitable for those who are more of the video calling type of persons who connect with his/her friends, relatives, colleagues through video calls. This app also charges you at a cheaper rate with a notice that you have favorable internet connection on your smart phone.
  4. Pinger
    This is the app for those who are budget conscious. This app provides you to send unlimited number of messages to anyone over 35countries worldwide. This app also synchronizes your Facebook contacts when the Pinger bandwagon is hopped down. The app also provides you with full screen notifications and allows you to call any number in US and Canada for free with no strings attached to it.
  5. WeChat
    This is also one of the Best VoIP Smartphone Apps. This is an interesting application recently launched in the market and gaining fast popularity over the world. With the help of this app you can text your friends online and even send voice messages to them. The most important feature of this phone is the shake facility with which you can make new and unknown friends around the world. Make new friend and enjoy chatting with them via this app.
  6. WhatsApp
    The newly launched Whatsapp is a VoIP app which runs on the new smart phones on Symbian, Android, and windows phone. This app allows you with innumerable free messaging service to any recipient worldwide. You just need to get your number registered with the app and there you go to send free messages, voice chats and video and picture sharing at a minimum cost.
  7. Viber
    Similar to that of whatsapp with the help of this app you can text or call your friends. This app supports in every smart phone unlike whatsapp which runs on Symbian, Windows, Android and iOS only. For this reasons this app is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. You should really try this app as it is quite interesting.

The VoIP apps thus helps you make contact to your loving and caring ones worldwide wherever they might be and also helps you to be in touch with each other with just a single tapping on your smart phone screen. So these are our 7 Best VoIP Smartphone Apps.

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