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Try Android Apps Before Buying

How To Try Android Apps before Buying

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Google Play Store offers millions of apps for the Android smart phones. Many apps are free of cost. But there are even better apps on Play Store which people need to buy. There are some really good apps which are not free unfortunately. Sometimes these apps are marked with very high price. Lets know about How To Try Android Apps Before Buying.

How To Try Android Apps Before Buying


How to check apps before buying:

So there has to be a way to try Android Apps before Buying those. People are often getting cheated. There are many apps which are deceptive. They look good, but are not that good. Here is a solution for that problem. Nothing is impossible. Had there been no solution, people would have been cheated by many not so good apps. If anyone wants to try an app on Google Play Store before buying it, he or she needs to download the app first. The charges would not be deducted immediately. Many people get afraid to download it as they think that as soon as the app is downloaded, money will be debited. But that is not the case.

Apps can be used for free for 15 minutes only:

After the app gets downloaded, anyone can use the app for 10-15 mins before the money gets debited. Google Play Store provides this service. The app has to be checked within 10-15mins. The app should be thoroughly checked. There should not be any negligence while checking the app. Once the app is checked properly, the decision has to be made. If it is good, then let it be. Otherwise the app store has to be opened from Google Play and then ‘My apps’ option has to be opened. There will be an option called ‘Refund’.

The 15 minute feature is available only once for each app:

On selecting that, the app will be uninstalled and no money will be debited. Two things have to remembered while uninstalling that the apps can be available at free of cost for maximum of 15 minutes. The second thing is that this feature is available only once for each app on Google Play Store.

Try Android Apps Before Buying


Using of AppSurfer for checking apps

This one AppSurfer is a new Android application that allows any user to check and browse an application before they want to install it. Actually with the help of AppSurfer we can bring any Android application to the browser. Then from the browser we can check that application. AppSurfer provides a mobile version of the application that is designed mainly for the use in the browser.

Well, users can also check any demo Android applications from the Amazon’s Appstore meant for the Android devices.

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