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Best iPhone Fitness Apps

5 Best iPhone Fitness Apps to Shape Up Your Body

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Nowadays being fit is most crucial and important part of everyone’s life. Who does not want to be fit, stay healthy and live happy life together? In modern technological aspect of the world, smart phones are coming up with preloaded applications which can actually keep you healthy and wise. Application helps to schedule routine and manage diet chart. Lets see our 5 Best iPhone Fitness Apps.

5 Best iPhone Fitness Apps to Shape Up Your Body

The 5 Best iPhone Fitness Apps, that you must have on your iPhone installed are discussed below.

Best iPhone Fitness Apps

Yoga Pro

If you’re a yoga novice or have had been practicing yoga this yoga app will guide you to over 300 yoga postures which can help you stay fit both physically and eternally. This app also provides you with audio-video guidance for every pose and also a 3D 360 degree surround pictorial representation.

Edomondo Sports Tracker

This app is another GPS enabled app which allows you to interact with it with your daily sports and activities like running, walking, cycling etcetera. This app allows you to track down your distance, speed and duration you’ve worked out for.


This is the most popular app in Apple market as it tracks your calorie intake and informs you on how much calorie you should actually burn down in order to stay fit and healthy. All you need is input your current weight and your goal weight and the app will then analyze and calculate the total amount of calorie you should burn or gain whatever the case might be. This app also sets your diet chart according to your choice and preferences.


This app uses your iPhone’s built in GPS feature to automatically calculate and monitor your running, walking, cycling and many other activities too. This app will eventually keep you fit and healthy and in the end the result of your fitness shall always be yours.


This app for iPhone helps you learn to master diaphragmatic breathing and helps you manage a stress free life and helps decrease the fight or flight function of your body which is boosted by the adrenaline hormones and also helps you resist your anger. The stress levels can be recorded in analogue scales which visually appear on your iPhone screen and you can help yourself maintain a peaceful life.

These 5 Best iPhone Fitness Apps are really useful to those who want to stay fit and are enthusiastic to it. The apps offer you with various kinds of techniques which can help you in return to stay fit and healthy.

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