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Windows Phone Apps for Car

5 Top Windows Phone Apps for Car Travelers

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Like other contemporary operating systems windows have also come up their own and individual applications which are highly lucrative while driving cars. Some of these applications are highly useful and they serve your purpose to the utmost. Glance along in order to garner a better idea about Top Windows Phone Apps for Car Travelers.

5 Top Windows Phone Apps for Car Travelers

Windows Phone Apps for Car

INRIX Traffic app

It is all most impossible to get traffic updates of your city while travelling in your car. However, windows have made it possible for you to locate the traffic condition of your city on the go.  Now you can get traffic updates of real-time traffic in your city by using the Traffic application brought to you by windows. This is a free app.


OptiRoute is another useful application which can be used while travelling prolonged distances. It calculates the shortest distances to reach your desired destination. In case, you are in a new city and you need to visit many locations at a time, you can still use it to find the shortest route for reaching your destination easily. This app also comes for free.


If you are searching for an application, which will map and plan your trip accordingly, then the Triplexer is an appropriate option. You can plan routes by dropping pins wherever you want to. Moreover, you can also schedule for each location, drop down notes, and procure the directions and instructions for your selected locations. All your data will be saved on your device so that you can view them any time, as per requirement. The triplexer is also a free application.

HERE Drive Beta

Using HERE Drive Beta you can get voice navigation commands for each turn optimized for the drivers. You can also reach your destination safely by using its turn-by-turn voice-guide directions along with a built-in driver’s mind interface. This app has no charge associated with it.

Google Maps for Windows

Google Maps for windows is now available in 3D along with Routes & Landmarks on your windows device. With this app, you can now search for detailed information about your city routes while travelling in your car. It also has a built-in feature of 3D compass Mode to help you reach your destination quickly. Like the other mentioned applications, the Google Maps for Windows is also free.

All the Top Windows Phone Apps for Car Travelers mentioned are some of the best compilation of apps, and since these Top Windows Phone Apps for Car Travelers are free you can easily download all of them easily without involving much hassle. Browse along to know better about these applications designed for cars.

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