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Google Now Tricks

Google Now Tricks and Tips for Geeks

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Google Now is one of the most successful personal assistant programs. It was initially launched for Android Jelly Bean OS. Galaxy Nexus was the first set on which it ran for the first time. Then this app was made available for iPhones. There are many tips and tricks for Google Now. There Google Now Tricks make the work easier.

Google Now Tricks and Tips

Google Now Tricks

  1. There are few commands for general knowledge purpose. Few of them are here. Just the “<subject>“, or “Search for <subject>“, “What is <subject>“.
  2. There are commands for time and date as well. “What time it is in <location>”, “When is the <special> day in <year>”.
  3. Weather related commands are also there for Google Now. “Weather”, “Is it going to rain tomorrow”, “Do I need an umbrella”, “What’s the weather in <location>”.
  4. Commands related to Maps and Navigation is also there. “Map of <location/place>”, “Show me the nearby <amenity> on map”, “Where is <place> situated”, “<point of interest> in <<location>”.
  5. Few commands are here for Calculations and Conversions. “How much is <number> time <number>”, “What is <number> percent of <number>”, “Square root of <number>”.
  6. Few commands for Sports are here. “<sports> points table”, “Who won the last match between <team name> and <team name>”, “<team name> scorecard”, etc.
  7. There are many commands for Web Navigation as well. “Go to <URL>”, “Open <URL>”, “Show me <URL>” and “Browse to <website>”.
  8. Commands related to Entertainment are also there in Google Now. “Play <song>”, “YouTube <video title>”, “When was the first episode of <show>”.
  9. Commands related to Notes and Remainders are “Remind me to <task> at <time>”, “Wake me up in <time>”, etc.
  10. Commands related to Contact and Communication is “Call <contact>”, “Send <message> to <contact> via text”, etc.
  11. Precise Image Search commands are there too such as “Images/photos/pictures of <subject>”, etc.
  12. Flight schedule and statuses command such as “Flight Status of <airlines>”, etc.
  13. Miscellaneous commands such as “Do a barrel roll”, etc.
  14. There is also command for rotating the screen slight by saying “Tilt”.
  15. To see the logo of a picture, say “Logo of <subject>”.

These Google Now Tricks are very useful for operating the Google Now more efficiently. The commands let the users use Google Now without haste. The commands form the best Google Now Tricks. Without these commands, one would find problem in searching for what they need actually. These are of utmost importance.

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