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Best Mobile apps for bloggers

10 Best Mobile Apps for Bloggers

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Are you a blogging enthusiast? Are you looking for mobile apps that are purposeful and enjoyable simultaneously? Are you looking for apps in an affordable range? Well, the following list regarding effective and best mobile apps for bloggers will definitely help you in all regards. Glance through, to know better.

10 Best Mobile Apps for Bloggers

Best Mobile apps for bloggers


WordPress is indeed a pretty lucrative app for the bloggers. It helps you to edit your blogging page and create and edit posts accordingly. The latest version of this app is 3.1, which is equipped to get rid of various relevant bug fixes. The WordPress is a free app and is equally compatible with your iPhone, iPads and Android phones.


Blogsy is another amazing app which supports the blog from every popular blogging platform. This is equipped to work on the iPad and comes in a range of Rs270. The 4.2.3 is the latest version of this app which has amazing bug fixture updates. Blogsy is indeed one of the best mobile apps for bloggers.


Evernote is another free app which is designed to work equally well on your iPhone, iPad and Android. This is a very effective app which enables you to create notes or to-do lists without any major bug issues. This app performs equally well on Mac phones.


Dropbox is another free app which is highly popular among users due to its user-friendly techniques and huge purposefulness. This app has become highly popular as it allows you access and edit your documents, PDF and PowerPoint from anywhere. It also allows you to share your relevant docs, files and pictures from anywhere. This app is designed for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


SpringPad is one of the smartest and best mobile apps for bloggers. It allows you to create notes and tasks and view them later as per accordance. This app comes for free and designed to work best with Android, iPad and iPhones. The 4.0.6 is the current version of this application.


Catch is a user-friendly app. which enables you to store you ideas, notes, documents and files easily. Moreover, you can easily toggle between the documents with this app and can also sync your phone with the computer accordingly. Catch is also a free app and it works equally well with iPhone, iPad and Android.


Diigo allows you to create bookmarks, take screenshots, highlight relevant stuff on the web, adding notes like the sticky notes and various other amazing features. This app is designed for the iPad, iPhone and Android just like its contemporaries and comes in a latest version of Diigo is a free application.


Blogjet is a high speed app which works best on the Windows phones. This app is a pretty fast app and it enables you add videos from the YouTube, images from the Flickr and documents from the WordPress all in a few moments. This is indeed one of the best mobile apps for bloggers. You can either opt for a free download of this application or can also purchase it accordingly.


FastAnalytics is a free app for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. This app is ideal for professional bloggers, who need to view their blogging websites from time to time.

Read it later

As evident from its name, Read it later, allows you to save pages to read later. This app is highly essential for busy bloggers who do not get enough time to read relevant documents and pages. The items can be easily saved on your phone for you to read them later.  This is a free app which works equally well with Android, iPhone and iPad.

With the busy life which the bloggers lead, the importance and need of these apps arises to a considerable extent. The mentioned apps are some of the best mobile apps for bloggers. So, if you are an aspiring blogger, you can easily choose from these Best Mobile Apps for Bloggers to enjoy the benefits from them accordingly.

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