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Top Blackberry Apps

10 Top Blackberry Apps

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Blackberry users find it difficult to select good apps for themselves. They cannot understand which apps will meet their needs. But there are lots of apps which are really good for Blackberry users. Here the 10 Top Blackberry Apps for the users. These will help them to find a suitable app for themselves.

10 Top Blackberry Apps

Top Blackberry Apps

  1. Popcornflix This is one of the Top Blackberry Apps. It is an online movie streaming app which allows the user to watch full length movie online. The service is absolutely free of cost from the app uses online ads.
  2. My Accountant The businessmen must use this app. This app keeps track of all the transactions in term of capitals. The app also has the facility to export the records and the data are kept at utmost security.
  3. Paper Camera There is effects like the pencil sketch effect, comic effect or cartoon effect. There are lots of filters for the photos also and the effects are displayed in real time.
  4. Gadget Box There are tools like the spirit level, compass, flashlight, speedometer, protractor, infinite ruler, Morse code generator, unit converter, etc. This is one of the useful apps.
  5. Navita Translator This is a nice app which serves as a translator. It has got 60 different languages on it in build. Any text has to be given as input and the final language has to be entered.
  6. Feather Duster This app highlights the hash tags of the Twitter. The liked subjects can be selected and then the hash tags can be connected.
  7. Waze This is a wonderful navigation app. People are updating their whereabouts and also the price of fuel all over the world.
  8. SayIt This is a voice activated personal assistant for the Blackberry users. It can answer any sort of queries.
  9. Songza This is a music streaming app for the Blackberry users. Music lovers will definitely like this app.
  10. TuneIn Radio This is a Blackberry app which let the user listen to any world radio. There are almost 70000 radio stations all over the world.

All the above apps are very useful and are the Top Blackberry Apps. The Blackberry users would love all the apps. Different kinds of customers can choose the suitable app for themselves from the above list. Few of the apps have to be bought and the rest apps are absolutely free of cost at the app store of Blackberry.

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