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LG Mobile Phone Secret Codes

LG Mobile Phone Secret Codes

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Do you own a LG Mobile? Do you wish to know better about the secret codes of your phone? Well, the LG phone is pretty different from Nokia and Samsung, and, it is provided with some popular codes in order to check its hardware and other necessary features. Glance through the text below, for perceiving better about the LG mobile phone secret codes.

LG Mobile Phone Secret Codes

LG Mobile Phone Secret Codes

IMEI Number tracking

Ever wanted to know what your LG phone IMEI number is? Well, the job isn’t much tedious as, you have to simply enter a single code for tracing the same. Knowing your IMEI number and software version is highly essential when you lose a phone or when you have to get its software fixed. In order to check the IMEI number of your mobile simply dial *#06# from it. For the LG 510 mobile, enter *#07# on your phone to trace the IMEI number. Again, if you wish to trace your Software version of the LG B1200 model type, *8375# from your mobile. Again, for recount checksum of the same; enter, *6861# from your phones.

Factory Test and Sim-card lock Menu

If you are searching for factory tests and also the Sim-card lock menu, then you’vew stumbled across the right page. Very often noting the SIM-card and factory settings are essential, especially if you forget your pin-code. In order to find the Simlock menu (LG B1200); enter, 1945#*5101#. Again, if you wish to do the same for Simlock menu (LG 510W, 5200); simply enter, 2945#*5101#. For the Simlock menu (LG 7020, 7010); dial, 2945#*70001#. Again, if you wish to retrieve your Factory test (B1200); just enter #PWR 668. These mentioned LG mobile phone secret codes will definitely assist you holistically.

Code for reading your Phone version and test menu

If you wish to read your phone version, then too, you have to enter some codes. Now, in order to read a phone version of a phone without SIM-card simply enters 277634#*# or 47328545454# and select the ‘factory Reset’ option. In order to check the version of a phone having a SIM – card inside, simply dial, Enter 2945#988110#.  For test menu options enter each of the following codes for different test modes;

  • Normal Test mode- 2945#*#
  • Test Mode  8330- 637664#*#
  • Test Menu 8180 V10a.-  49857465454#
  •  Test Menu 8180 V11a- 492662464663#
  •  Test Menu 8130-8138- 47328545454#
  •  Test Menu 8110-8120 – 277634#*#

Follow these mentioned codes and enter them in your LG phones, to enjoy the best of coding. In fact you get to know relevant stuff about your phone by simply incorporating these codes. From IMEI number to factory reset settings, you get an entire access to your phone by entering these codes. Thus, follow and use these LG Mobile phone secret codes in order to enjoy the best from LG.

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