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Password Storing Windows Phone Apps

5 Best Password Storing Windows Phone Apps

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Do you get baffled while making your pick from the numerous lucrative password storing apps on windows phone? Well, worry no more, as the 5 best Password Storing Windows Phone Apps are mentioned below along with their features. Read through, to know more.

5 Best Password Storing Windows Phone Apps

Password Storing Windows Phone Apps

All My Passwords

‘All my passwords’ is a user friendly app which allows you to save your passwords and vital data on windows phones. This app has the proper elements of numerous user friendly features which allows you to create various folders and add separate passwords for each of them. Moreover, it also comes in a pretty non extravagant range of $2.99.

Password manager

If you are looking for an app which can competently keep your passwords safe, secure and easily accessible, then the password manager is a perfect option for you. It has been updated various times and the latest version of this app is Password manager v2.3. This new version of the app allows you to create a new password without entering the administrator password. Moreover, it also has the passwords characterized accordingly along with fixed backup lists on the Skydrive. The password manager is a free app and you can install it easily.

Keeper Password and Data volt

Among the various Password Storing Windows Phone Apps, the keeper password and data volt have gained a considerable predominance. This free app, allows you to access your passwords seamlessly and uninterruptedly on Windows tablets and Smartphones. You can even autofill your passwords and protect your data with an extremely high grade encryption. The latest version of this app is

Super Password

The Super password is an innovative app which stores your sensitive and vital data on Windows phones. In fact, it even allows you to attach relevant photos with the records of your data. This feature is highly essential and vital, especially if you are in a foreign land. It manages accounts and passwords equally well and comes in an economical price tag of $2.99. .


‘Whiskers’ is a lucrative password saving and managing app which has back-up, and restoring data facilities along with the facilities of transferring your data to a new phone. The latest version of the app is 1.2 and you can easily install it for free.

The mentioned Password Storing Windows Phone Apps is lucrative and cost effective simultaneously. Hence, purchase them soon, to enjoy the complete benefits of their features. Some of the apps even have free trials, which thereby allow you to check the app before purchasing or installing them.

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