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How To Get Free Mobile Recharge

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People these days run for anything offered free of cost. At times many things turn out to be deceptive. But there is indeed a thing called luck. At present, nothing can be more valuable than mobile recharges. If mobile recharges are got at free of cost, noting can be better than that. So we will check How To Get Free Mobile Recharge.

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge

free mobile recharge

On the basis of luck:

  1. Luckyrecharge is a site which provides free mobile recharges between Rs.10 to Rs.100. This top up is absolutely free of cost and is based on luck. Lucky recharge gives few numbers which needs to match with last 3 to 7 digits of a person’s cell number.
  2. Trackmobile is another site. This site offers recharge of Rs.10, Rs.50 or Rs.100. The last 5, 4 or 3 digits should match with a person’s cell number. According to that, a person will get the recharge amount. The numbers are updated daily on this site.

On the basis of work:

  1. Laaptu is a site which provides few services. On using services like ‘Guess and win!’ or ‘FACT or FART’, a person will get chances of winning mobile recharges. This is also a kind of luck but luck comes here after performing certain task.
  2. PicksUp is a wonderful website which also offers free mobile recharges. There are plenty of games and contests on this site which needs to be won. The site pays Re.1 for each 10 credits. The site also provides option for transferring money to banks or shopping online.
  3. Amulyam is very easy to use. There are also plenty of games and contests. Besides that, sometimes they send some mails to a person which needs to be read. In this way it provides the mobile recharges.
  4. ULtoo offers free mobile recharges on sending SMS to other persons or playing few contests.  It provides free SMS service all over India.
  5. Waytosms gives free mobile recharges on sending free SMS via them all over India. Also it has another service which is the clicking of ads that come up on the site home page. On clicking each ad, the site pays through mobile recharge.
  6. Freetalkie provides free mobile recharges on signing up to various sites which are listed by them or on doing online shopping.

All the above websites mentioned are genuine and very effective for free mobile recharges. Few gives free mobile recharges on basis of luck and others give on doing some task. Luck may not work out all the time, but by doing the tasks; one can earn free mobile recharges which are for sure.

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