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Shutdown PC from Phone

How to Restart or Shutdown PC from Phone

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You are downloading something important or updating your PC or laptop, but it is time to shut down your computer. In that situation, you have to stay up whole night and complete the work manually. How about an option to shutdown PC from Phone? There are a lot of free apps which are available in the market which can assist you. In this regard, it has to be remembered that the magic packets which helps in restarting your PC has to be activated via your LAN adapter properties.

How to Restart or Shutdown PC from Phone

 Shutdown PC from Phone

  • Shutdown Start Phone:
    This app, which is intended for Android users is one of the most important for any tech savvy users. One of the main features is that it can on any type of PC such as Linux, Windows and MAC. It has inbuilt scanner which helps you Smartphone detect it easily. It also has IPV6 support which many apps don’t have. One of the main feature of this android software it has the capability of Wake On LAN which can use along with a scheduler.More information can be available at their Google Play store link :


  • Shutdown Timer
    Other great apps which can be used instead Shutdown Start Phone. This app has the functionality to set timer for shutdown PC from the phone or wake up it. It has an extra feature where the app shows how much time left to start or shut down in the Smartphone status bar. This is helpful as giving a reminder regarding startup or shutdown.It can be available at


  • Shutter:
    For those users who don’t have any android Smartphone, no need to need. Presenting Shutter – is a free tool which can be setup according to your specific need.  These provide some extra features such as alarm clock, scheduler and also acts as trigger regarding specific events. It will help you to shut down your laptop whenever its battery charge reaches 15% or less. This is especially helpful in conducting and downloading updates or even bigger files from the internet. One of the main feature it has feature of remote control. It provides a web page through which you can control your PC. This is helpful for non android based users.It can download from

It has to be remembered that Shutdown PC from the phone can be done easily but the problem comes when you want to add Wake on LAN. In this regards, it has to be remembered that LAN adapters have the options Wake On LAN disabled. Magic Packets options need to be enabled.

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