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8 Best Applications on HTC Windows Phone 8X

Best Applications on HTC Windows Phone

HTC Windows Phone 8X depicts the best thing that ever came through as Microsoft’s mobile OS. It is so feature rich; some features quite open and a few hidden away from the naked eye. 8 Best Applications on HTC Windows Phone …

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HTC One Mini Specifications and Features

HTC One Mini Features

There is tough competition going on in the market of smart phones. HTC has participated in that competition and they are fully prepared to face the pressure. They are releasing superb smart phones one after the other. They have launched …

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HTC 8XT Specifications and Features

HTC 8XT Features

HTC is releasing superb smart phones one after the other in the market. They have brought the new HTC 8XT smart phone in the market. It is a Windows phone and the build quality is impressive. The texture and the …

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HTC Butterfly S Features and Specifications


HTC has released its new smart phone in the market. This is the new HTC Butterfly S with lots of HTC Butterfly S Features. The build quality of the phone is superb and the texture is smooth too. The handset …

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HTC Tiara Features and Specifications

HTC Tiara Specifications

HTC is making Windows based phone since Windows Mobile OS, but now Nokia takes the lead in Windows Phone Based smartphone with its Lumia lineup. Although HTC has two Windows Phone 8 based smartphones in the market. i.e. HTC Windows …

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HTC One Mini Features and Specifications

HTC One Features

HTC’s latest flagship device HTC One is already successful for HTC. Now HTC is going to launch mini version of HTC One, will be known as HTC One Mini (Rumored as HTC M4). This phone will target Mid Budget segment. …

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HTC Desire 600 Features and Specifications

HTC Desire 600 Price

HTC introduced yet another of its mind blowing model in the smart phone market. This company kept on launching awesome smart phones in the market. All of their cells were very popular and sold out. Every set was very successful. …

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How to Unlock HTC One Bootloader

Unlock the HTC One Bootloader

The HTC One is packed all the features a user want to possess. Users find this device to be powerful without any changes or modifications but the real potential of the device can only be unleashed only on rooting. All …

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Facebook Phone HTC First Features and Specifications

HTC First Features and Specifications

HTC will release the HTC First which is an upcoming Android smart phone expected on 12th April, 2013. On 4th of April this handset was unveiled in a press event conducted by Facebook. This is the first android handset which …

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