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Best Applications on HTC Windows Phone

8 Best Applications on HTC Windows Phone 8X

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HTC Windows Phone 8X depicts the best thing that ever came through as Microsoft’s mobile OS. It is so feature rich; some features quite open and a few hidden away from the naked eye. 8 Best Applications on HTC Windows Phone 8X or 8 of the best features that grace this majestic device are listed below.

8 Best Applications on HTC Windows Phone 8X

Best Applications on HTC Windows Phone

 1. Attentive phone

This feature can only be appreciated better by those who have been through the experience. With this application, you simply flip the mobile phone over to mute the ringer. It comes quite handy especially when you don’t feel like picking a call or if you in the middle of something. When the phone starts to ring, all .you have to do is flip it over and all goes silent!

It also comes with the “quiet ring on pick up” feature.

 2. Wireless charging

This feature will especially thrill wireless enthusiasts and while a few might never see it come true, it’s just so much fun. All you need is a certified QI certified charger. You can then drop your phone on the charging pad any time and sit back as things happen. There couldn’t be a better way to say bye to cables and all the wires.

3. Internal amplifier

HTC Windows Phone 8X has a “beats by Dre” logo on it to commemorate its in-built amplifier. The amplifier is actually found in the phones stereo headset jack. What the amp does is to ensure that studio quality headphones can be used on the phone without any distortions.

 4. Data sensing

This feature allows users to manage data with minimal reliance on the carrier. You will be asked to enter some information regarding your wireless data billing e.g. monthly data allowance. Once you have submitted such information you can always be alerted when you are approaching your limits via a Live Tile and a notification. This ensures that you never go beyond the periodic allowances. Then the OS will also tell you which applications are responsible for the bulk of the data usage.

 5. Integrated speech with applications

It sounds nice to listen to voice commands on the phone… everyone enjoys it. And if developers realize this and decide to allow you all the freedom to use voice commands on most of your daily applications, it’s a dream come true. Well, 8X has it. To know which applications have integrated voice commands on your X8, simply hold down the Windows button and swipe to “apps”.

6. Tap to share

HTC Windows Phone 8X allows users to share photos, videos etc. using the Near Field Communications feature (NFC). Users can pair devices quickly by turning on NFC then going to “settings” and selecting “tap + send”.

7. Multi task on the back button

You can easily copy and paste information on HTC 8X or quickly switch between applications by holding down the back button of your device. Then you can move from one application to another to complete tasks including copy-pasting URLs from one browser window to another.

 8. Bing

Just as every other Windows Phone 8 devices, the HTC 8X comes with Microsoft’s search engine- Bing. This will save you time when you have to search for the latest headlines, popular videos or events that are happening in the local area among many other things that you could look up for on the web.

But that’s not all about the HTC Windows Phone 8X, there are many other feature that you could discover with 02 number.

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