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Best Call Recording Apps for Android

5 Best Call Recording Apps for Android

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There are some many different kinds of Android apps being developed lately. One popular segment is Call Recording. Recording calls can sometimes prove to b useful. Like you are taking directions to an unknown place by calling somebody and you don’t want to mix that up. Or perhaps your mother is reciting a list of groceries and you don’t want to mix up the specific brands. So I think it’s a pretty good idea to keep a call recorder app handy. Here’s a list of 5 Best Call Recording Apps for Android:

5 Best Call Recording Apps for Android

Best Call Recording Apps for Android

Call Recorder:

Call Recorder is the most popular call recorder app for Android devices. The pro version of this app is available for $5.12 and offers a wide variety of features like enable and disables call recording, record all calls or specific call, automatic or manual deleting, you can delete, record and share the recordings. Call Recorder is the best because its developers have understood that not every phone is suitable for call recording. Therefore there a few tips available on this app which you may use to optimize your chances of working out this app with your mobile phone.

Auto call recorder:

The next app on our list of Best Call Recording Apps for Android is the Auto call recorder. It lets you record your calls automatically that is without needing any authentication. You can choose to record all calls or just calls from the names that are in your contact list. Or you can specify any particular number whose incoming and outgoing call will be recorded. Calls can be recorded in three available formats – WAV, ANR and 3GP.

Record My Call:

This is yet another simple call recording apps but it does not work properly for some android phones. The complete list of incompatible models are provided along with the app. Record My Calls offers some wonderful features like preventing the phone falling into sleep during call, delay record time etc.

Digital Call Recorder:

Digital Call Recorder is found to be compatible with all the current and popular Android handsets. With this app, you get a Home screen widget. During a call you can simply tap on the widget to start recording. Digital Call Recorder lets you pin the recorded audio clip directly to an email. The latest version also has an option for Dropbox.

Galaxy Call Recorder:

Galaxy Call Recorder is the last item on the list of Best Call Recording Apps for Android. This app is specially designed for certain Samsung Galaxy android devices. The list of galaxy models supported by this app is provided along with it. Sporting a polished interface, the galaxy call recorder packs quite a list of features like enabling/ disabling recording based on names in contact list, enabling/ disabling recording when a headset is plugged as well as sharing via Google Drive an Dropbox.

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