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Best iPhone Games

5 Best iPhone Games for Everyone

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There are so many games releasing every month for the iPhone. It is truly difficult to find the best iPhone games leading the chart right now.  Therefore this article concentrates on the five best iPhone games that have been voted by almost every iPhone user.

5 Best iPhone Games

  1. Temple Run 2
    Temple Run 2  is the most popular game on iPhone at the moment. It is an addictive adventure game available for free on iTunes. In this game, you will take the role of an explorer who needs to steal a precious idol form a temple. You have to swipe to turn, jump and slide your character by over various obstacles and avoid being captured by demonic monkeys.  Temple Run 2 has received nearly 50 million downloads in the first 3 weeks itself.
  2. Angry Birds
    Surely by now, Angry Birds need no introduction. Since its release in December, 2009 by developers Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds have become the greatest sensation in gaming industry with over 100 million downloads every year. In the game, some bad pigs have stolen eggs from some wingless birds. Naturally the birds are angry and want revenge. So players need to launch birds using a slingshot at various structures which are supposedly the pigs’ homes. The more you destroy those structures, the more pigs you kill and then you advance to the next level. After destroying every pig, the birds get back their eggs and you win the game. So simple, yet so addictive!Best iPhone Games
  3. Fruit Ninja         
    Another very popular game among iPhone users is the Fruit Ninja. Here fruits will fly all over the screen and you have to slash them by swiping your finger over them. You have to make sure no fruit falls down unsliced. The game was developed by Halfbrick Studios and released in 2010. The concept is simple yet challenging enough to get you hooked for hours.
  4. Cut the Rope
    Cut the Rope has won the best iPhone games award in 2012. It is physics based game where you find a cute monster trying to eat a candy dangling from a rope. You have the cut the strings and guide a candy towards the monster. There are over 300 levels and every level is designed with unique sorts of obstacles to prevent the monster from getting the candy. Each time you clear a level, you are called a “genius” and it sure feels a lot special. Along the clever levels, the graphics and the background sound make you hooked to the Cut the Rope.
  5. Infinity Blade
    Infinity Blade is the first 3D game on the list of best iPhone games  and it is from the action genre. It is one of the most influential role-playing games ever on the iPhone platform. Here you play as a warrior fighting sword duels. You control the sword by swiping the blade across the screen. On December 1, 2011 Chair Entertainment and Epic Games, developers of Infinity blade released a sequel, Infinity Blade 2 for iOS mobile devices.

Hope you like our list of Best iPhone Games, Please also share your list of Best iPhone Games.

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