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Best Instagram Alternative Windows Phone Apps

Best Instagram Alternative Windows Phone Apps

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Instagram lets you take you snaps (via your mobile device) of anything that you see around you and quickly share it among your friends. That’s why it has been a massive hit among smartphone and tablet users. Instagram is available on iOS and Android platform but sadly it is yet to arrive on Windows Mobile. But it’s unfair to keep Windows phone users away from the sheer joy of shooting, editing and uploading their favorite pictures via their smartphone. Hence as for now, they would have to make do with some alternative apps available for Windows Mobile. Here’s a list of the Best Instagram Alternative Windows Phone Apps:

Best Instagram Alternative Windows Phone Apps

Best Instagram Alternative Windows Phone Apps

  1. Lomogram:
    Lomogram is the highest rated Instagram-alternative app in the world of Windows mobile users. It offers over 40 filters, 70 effects and 50 borders. Along with that you can tilt shift and crop your photos in any aspect ratio ranging from 1:1 to 16:9. The best part is that you can choose to save the original photos as well. All the edited photos are stored in a library from where you can upload them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and other social networking sites.
  2. EyeEm:EyeEm is a popular app which you can use to filter your images and post it on Facebook or Twitter. The unique feature about EyeEm is that it lets add two types of tags – “Where are you at” and “What you’re doing” when you are uploading your pictures. The only disadvantage of EyeEm is that it provides only 11 filters.EyeEm
  3. Fantasia Painter:The list of Best Instagram Alternative Windows Phone Apps cannot be completed without Fantasia Painter. Fantasia Painter is the most complete editing app on Windows platform. It is a fully fledged editor (much like Adobe Photoshop for PCs) where you can edit your pictures using tools and brushes along with adding effects, filters and borders. Of course the other editing abilities like cropping images, tilt shift and camera controls are also available.Fantasia Painter
  4. Instacam:The Instacam app is for those who love Instagram more than anything and hence want to remain connected to it, no matter what. Instacam lets you view Instagram feeds, comment and “like” on them and also edit on them. There are many pre-defined filters at your disposal but if you don’t like them, you can make your own filters as well! Only drawback is that you won’t be able to post your pictures on Instagram.instacam
  5. Lazylens:When it comes to Best Instagram Alternative Windows Phone Apps most people forget to mention Lazylens. For some reason unknown to many, it is the most underrated Instagram-alternative app. You can select you recent photos displayed in Tiled Mosaic format and start editing using 23 pre-defined sets. You can further edit by modifying the brightness, contrast and saturation of your picture.LazyLens

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