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Android Navigation Apps

5 Best Android Navigation Apps

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Whether you are looking for the shortest route to return home or searching for the best luxury hotels for your holiday trips, a Navigation App turns out to be a savior in all regards. Now, if you own an Android Phone and if you are baffled about making your choice of the best Android navigation apps simply have a quick glance at the following text.

5 Best Android Navigation Apps

Android Navigation Apps

Google Maps

Google Maps is perhaps one of the most popular Android applications. This app is equipped with apt features which enable you to take note of the relevant traffic in your area. Google Maps is also a pretty user-friendly application which gives you the most relevant and essential information about the bus and train routes. This is a free app and its current version is 1.1.

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MapsQuest is an application which enables you to easily locate the nearby gas stations, restaurants, hotels and pubs with the aid of a single tap on your phone. The Voiceguide feature acts as an addendum, thereby asking you to take a turn as and when necessary. This free app is highly lucrative in all regards.

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‘Maps’ is another lucrative and highly viable android navigation apps. This application enables you find new destinations and explore in them accordingly. With the aid of this application you can easily browse and tour towns and cities with a superb view and zoom of 360 degrees. This application is also pretty user-friendly, and it comes for free.

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Navfree is another lucrative application, coming from the superb and myriad range of Android apps. This application is actually a free navigation searcher and it enables you to enjoy its maximum advantages due to its user friendly traits. This is a completely free application which is also guided by voice guides and other lucrative features.

You can Download this App from Here: Click Here to Download


Sygic is also a lucrative GPS navigation app which enables you to navigate through the roads easily and appropriately. It delivers you with the best possible direction thereby enhancing your journey and your travelling experience. This free application is also highly user friendly.

You can Download this App from Here: Click Here to Download

The above text bears a holistic idea about the best Android navigation apps. Browse through the text and glance through each of the features and finally choose the application which suits your budget, purpose and needs to the utmost. Be thorough in your choice and make sure that you choose the application wisely and competently.

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