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Note Taking Windows Phone Apps

5 Note Taking Windows Phone Apps

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Note taking apps is an absolute necessity for all those ardent bloggers who need to take notes on a frequent basis. It is also equally essential for the university and the college goers. Now, if you are totally baffled regarding choosing the best note taking windows phone apps, the following list of popular windows phone note-apps will surely help you.

5 Note Taking Windows Phone Apps

Note Taking Windows Phone Apps

OneNote; A lucrative note-taking app

One note is a lucrative app which is pre-installed on all the windows 8 phones. This app initially belonged to the Windows 7 office hub, and, it turns out to be highly beneficial for all the note takers. With this app. you can create notes and simultaneously make to-do lists which can be easily synced with Skydrive. In fact, with the windows 8 phones you can even incorporate audios and pictures to your notes and to do lists. Due to its pre-installed feature, the One Note turns out to be a free application.

Ever note; the best of its kind

Among the popular apps for Windows, EverNote turns out to be one of the best note taking windows phone apps. This application is endowed with numerous features and, with your windows 8 phone you can take the best and most effective advantages of this app’s features. This application allows you to synchronize your notes and eventually access it from any location. Apart from creating, editing and incorporating audio and pictures in your notes, you can even share it on Facebook. This is a free app.

Notepad Free; A user-friendly app

As evident from its name, the notepad free is a free app. This is a simple user-friendly application which allows you to create, edit and delete notes from your home screen. This is highly recommendable for those, who are not comfortable with the technical intricacies of their phones. 2.2 is the latest version of this app which is equipped with appropriate bug fixes.

Metro Note; A convenient option

Metro Note is also a windows phone application which is equipped with some advanced features like free syncing to the cloud. This in turn, helps you to share your notes to Android, Mac and Linux devices accordingly. You can easily search for your desired note by the aid of tags and keywords. This is a free app currently having the version.

FeatherNote; Equipped with myriad features

Yes! This app designed for your Windows phone is endowed with numerous features. In fact, you can easily create notes here and share it with other devices. Again, the editor format of this app assists you in formatting or editing a note easily. This is also a free app with it’s current version.

You will find numerous Note Taking Windows Phone Apps for your phone. However, you have to aptly select the best and most well featured app from the lot. The list above has a brief idea about the best note taking windows phone apps. Check the features, and choose the one which turns out to be the most convenient option for you.

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