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Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips

Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips for Lappy Users

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At present, the number of laptop users is more than the number of desktop users. Almost everyone has a laptop in today’s world. So that means everyone must know how to take care of the laptop. Maintenance is very important, otherwise dust and moisture will destroy the delicate device. Here are the Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips to maintain the screen of the laptop.

Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips

Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips

  1. The screen of the laptop is the thing which gets affected first. The main reason is due to the frequent closing and opening of the laptop. When the laptop is folded and unfolded, some amount of scratch takes place. Moreover the dust particles accumulate inside the laptop and sticks to the screen. Moisture affects the screen too. Thus the screen gets hazy and full of scratches. To protect the screen, there are many ways. There is a very common way to clean the laptop screen using home items. Firstly, distilled water has to be taken. For betterment, distilled water and vinegar can be mixed in the ratio 1:1.
  2. This solution has to be put on a small atomizer bottle. The solution has to be put carefully using a funnel. The bottle should be of such a type which when pushed from the top gives a fine mist.
  3. Then a soft cotton cloth has to be taken. Large cloth is preferred since it will prevent the finger pressure on the laptop screen. The solution has to be put on the cloth and the screen has to be wiped.
  4. The cloth should be moist, and not wet. If the cloth becomes wet, the solution will drip down inside the laptop. The wiping motion should be circular otherwise the screen gets affected by patches. Wiping with great pressure can permanently damage the LCD of the screen. Laptop screen has to be taken utmost care of.
  5. While wiping the screen if too much pressure is applied, the LCD liquid crystals will get damaged. Thus the display will be hampered and the screen may not work properly. Also it must be seen that the cloth must not be soaked in the solution, just it must be moist enough to remove the dust.

Laptop can be used very roughly, but the screen of the laptop is very sensitive. If proper care is not taken to the screen, it will not give the output properly. People would not love to watch any video on a hazy laptop screen. Also it will be a problem is anyone re-sales any laptop is screen is not good. So these are our Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips, Please also share your Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips in our comments.

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