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Speedup Windows Phone 8 Smartphone

Tips to Speedup Windows Phone 8 Smartphone

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There are increasing numbers of Windows 8 phone users these days. People prefer Windows phone more now than android smart phones. But there is a common problem arising with the Windows phone. People are facing lag problems in the phone. Here are the ways to Speedup Windows Phone 8 Smartphone.

Tips to Speedup Windows Phone 8 Smartphone

  1. Clearing the junk files or rather the cache files is the first step to be performed to Speedup Windows Phone 8 Smartphone. These cache files are created every time some apps are opened. The worst thing about these cache files are that they are created when apps are opened but remain in the phone even after closing app. Thus the files have to be removed manually from the setting.Speedup Windows Phone 8 Smartphone
  2. There is an app for Windows Phone named the Shrink Storage. This app removes all the cache files for the users. It fills up the internal memory of the phone and deletes all the other junk files that are not needed to the user. This app can be availed easily over here After installing the app, the phone memory needs to be full and then it will perform its task to clear the phone from the cache files.
  3. There must not be many tiles on the home screen of the smart phone. Only those tiles should be there on the home screen which is necessary, the rest of the tiles must be deleted. Those tiles just simply eat up the memory storage of the phone and make the phone slow down.
  4. The browsing history and the cookies should be cleared from the browser of the smart phone on a regular basis. These files are deposited like heaps and needs to be cleared manually to make the phone work faster and smoother.
  5. There are many apps which are never used but they keep running on the background and eat up the memory of the phone. They occupy a large part of the phone’s RAM and also put a pressure on the battery. Those apps should be uninstalled and removed from the phone to make the working of the phone faster.

All the tips discussed above are tested and the results were positive. By following the above tips and tricks, one can Speedup Windows Phone 8 Smartphone. The RAM of the phone must be kept free to make the phone run smoothly. That is the main reason for making the phone slow down.

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