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Laptop vs Tablet

What is Best for You – Laptop vs Tablet

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With the evolvement of new technologies, various electronic devices are out on market. There are desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, notebooks, etc. People get confused which one to buy and which they should not. When someone has money to spend on electronic gadget, they eventually face dilemma. There are varieties of products available in the market. The most problem faced by the people is whether to buy a laptop or a tablet. It is a tough competition of Laptop vs Tablet. With time, science has progressed a lot. There are many changes in the world of computers. Right since the largest computers, there have been lots of revolutions. Laptop has changed a lot. These days, the laptops come with new looks and features. It has awesome processing speeds and texture. The laptops which are released nowadays have graphics card in built. They have cameras installed and the specifications are wonderful. They are very handy also and can be carried anywhere easily.

 What is best for you – Laptop vs Tablet

Advantages of tablets over laptops:

They are very light weight and can perform many operations. Multi tasking can be done smoothly. The laptops of present generation can perform heavy loads and do not hang easily. This is very difficult situation among Laptop vs Tablet. The Tablets are also giving a tough competition. They are very fashionable and stylish. They can be carried anywhere on the pocket. That is the biggest advantage. Another advantage is that the tablets can be used like a phone even. The tablets have great camera quality. The gaming on tablets is very addictive depending on the OS of the tablets. Tablets are very suitable to be used as MP3 players even.

Laptop vs Tablet

Advantages of laptops over tablets:

But the drawbacks of tablets are that they cannot perform heavy task like laptop. Laptops can perform all the task of complex and hi-fi software. But on the other hand, tablets would not be able to perform such heavy tasks. They would not support the large and hi-fi software. Thus it is very difficult to decide who will win the competition of Laptop vs Tablet. It depends on people which one they will buy. It depends on their purpose.

The purpose has to be understood:

Tablets are for those who surfs internet for casual purpose and light official works. For checking mails or surfing Facebook and Twitter, Tablets are absolutely okay. But for performing high calculation tasks like maintain large records, laptops are better. Also it will have better processing speed which tablets would not be able to give.

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